baby 3 - 17 weeks!

Total weight gain: I started off smaller than I was with Brooks, but I weigh the same as I did with him at this point.  I am currently up 10 pounds!  Yikes!  My levels were off (which is why the blood work was positive - see last post) which made me feel dizzy and more sick so my diet was lots of fries, mac and cheese, and Kix.  I would try to eat salads and throw those up.  I would also try to make smoothies and could sometimes eat them....but mostly ate crackers, cheese, things like that so my weight gain is no surprise.

Maternity clothes:  Yes for pants.  I have some exercise shorts that I still fit in, but any of my LuLu or nicer things I am not risking me stretching them out.

Stretch marks:  Nope because I obsess about lotion 2x a day!

Sleep:  Compared to how I slept about a year ago, sleeping like a dream.  I had really bad insomnia due to a hormone thing so I do not take closing my eyes and actually sleeping for granted anymore.  I have to sleep with ear plugs which is a habit from last year I need to break.  When you have insomnia every little sound gets to you...the dog moving or your hubby rolling.  With that said, Emerson is all over the place and likes to come to our bathroom, turn on the lights, and cry for water.  I have no idea what has gotten into her.  Matt and I joke that when our kids are adults living in their own homes we plan to stay over and act like toddlers as pay back.  Like refusing our dinner, waking them up because we want water, things like that.....we are so mature.

Miss anything:  I do miss getting a good workout in!  I was very good about working out 6x a week and eating healthy before baby and being dizzy has left my workouts VERY modified.  I am not stressed about getting back to my old size or anything, I just miss a good sweat with lots of burpees, jumping rope, and hot yoga.  I had diastasic recti after Brooks and actually saw a PT for it, so I am very very careful this go around.  I will more than likely have it again because of another pregnancy, but at least I know I am not making it worse by doing planks or mountain climbers.

Movement:  Not yet!  Just a few flutters.  I CANNOT wait for this.

Food cravings:  Not really.  I finally able to eat more like my old self which is nice.

Anything make you queasy?  I still avoid BBQ, anything with a red sauce so all Italian dishes, and even salsa.

Symptoms:  Just more hungry than normal.

Happy or Moody:  Mostly happy!  I have had a great summer with my kids, but I am ready to have a few hours to myself once school starts.

Looking forward to:  The weekend!  Matt has been working long hours/ going to the PGA so it will be nice to have some family time together.

Exercise:  2 walks, 2 yoga classes, and my weights workout I do in our basement.

Other:  Emerson had her 4 year well visit and she did great with all her shots!  I am glad she won't have anymore until middle school, but she really did handle it better than I expected.  I treated her to a lunch date and she picked Panera because she loves their mac.  Brooks was just happy to be along for the ride.

Matt and I went to the PGA that was here in Charlotte on Saturday.  It was a blast, but SO hot!  I lasted about 6 hours before I called it quits. 

And here is a picture of my little Brooks.  He was struggling going down for a nap and actually let me rock him which NEVER happens.  I am the worst at the transition from rocking a baby to sleep to placing them in their crib still sleeping.  Love my little wild guy.

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