Weekend at the sanctuary

Matt and I are not good about going on dates.  In fact, I can count one hand how many dates we have had since Brooks came into the picture.  Even before him we weren't that great either.  We are lucky that our marriage for the most part is easy.  Don't get me wrong...we are still human and have disagreements, but we have been together for so long and we know everything about one another we can both take a step back and see the other person's side.  Plus Matt is just an easy guy to be married to.  He is funny, handy, selfless, humble, good looking and somehow doesn't age (totally unfair), and the best Daddy to our kids.  Still though, we know date nights are important and we both have said we need to be better.  So when my in-laws offered to take the kids for the weekend, we immediately started to figure out a getaway.  We decided on The Sanctuary because we went last year and had the best time.  The hotel is one of the nicest I have ever been to (if not the nicest) and we knew that although it was March and going to be cool we would still just be able to relax.  Naps, reading outside, day drinking...these are all things that make the both of us happy.

We came down on Thursday and stopped in Charleston for lunch and to walk around for a bit.  We ate lunch at Five Loaves and it was fresh and really yummy.  Then we decided to walk around.  And by walk around I mean finding a rooftop bar.  Lets face it, I hate to shop.  I do.  I walked into I think 3 stores and then just felt like I was wasting my day...boring...so rooftop bar it was!  We went to the Pavilion and had a drink before driving to Kiawah.

Once there we grabbed a drink at their bar and sat outside and just relaxed until our room was ready.  They upgraded us and treated us to a bottle of champagne since we counted this as my early birthday trip.  We had a few appetizers on our balcony before heading back to the lobby where we had more drinks and just decided to order some burgers which were realllllly good.  

Hands down the best cosmos I have ever had.  I had several during our trip!

The next day I worked out and we spent most of the day by the pool reading.  Reading outside is my favorite!  By late afternoon we decided to head to the Ryder Bar for an appetizer and drinks.  The view there is so beautiful and peaceful.  After that we decided to head to Freshfields Village which is a little shopping area to try out a wine bar.  I have never been to one before where you are given a card and go and the machine pours you a taste, half glass or a full glass depending on what you select.  We were able to try to bottles that we would never splurge on so that was a treat.  We decided to walk next door to King Street Grill for a quick bite because we weren't starving, but needed a little more.  The food was actually good, just the atmosphere was blah.

View from our table at the Ryder Bar!

I thought the restrooms at the Ryder Bar were awesome looking!  Herringbone floors with grasscloth are my love language! 

Wine Bar were you filled your own glass...pretty neat!

On our last day we decided to try a place called The Market which was walking distance from our room for breakfast.  So good and affordable!  We don't mind splurging for dinner, but we can't do that for every meal.  We then rented bikes for a few hours which was so much fun!  The houses on Kiawah are not like anything I have ever seen.  We read by the pool again before having drinks in the lobby followed by dinner at Jasmines Porch.

Seriously the best trip!