I am the WORST blogger.  My last post was 18 months ago so I officially suck.  I am a little upset that I didn't keep up with my monthly posts about Brooks because he is growing up so fast and I haven't been that great at recording things about him.  Second kid problems I guess.  I will do an update on him soon because he is seriously the coolest little guy. All boy for sure.  The best part now about his age is that he is finally talking more and more each day.  Emerson and Brooks play so well together now that he is a little person and not a baby.  She is such a great big sissy to him and it makes my heart explode watching them love each other.

We have been in our house for two years now and we have done a lot to make it home, but have plenty of work left. Since this is our forever home (we hope!) we want to do things right even if that means waiting years to be able to afford it.  Two of the biggest projects we have done is that we built a retaining wall outside (boring) and changed our water off of septic (even more boring).  I will do a post soon to show the progress in rooms, but like I said, I'd rather do things right so we still have lots of empty spots and walls in our home.  We recently bought a new kitchen table, chairs, and a coffee table for our family room which I will show soon, but more pictures of kids for now!

I still LOVE staying home.  However, if I am being honest, it is so much more work than I thought it would be now that I have two.  No idea how my Mom had 4 so close together!  The older they get, the easier it gets for sure, and I am not complaining because working Moms have a lot more to balance, but I think I just thought my house would always be clean, we would have yummy dinners every night, and that we would have play dates galore.  The truth is my house is messy, sometimes we eat sandwiches for dinner, and I am lucky if we have a few play dates a month.  I have learned to give myself some grace and let go of being a perfectionist right now.  I can find my inner Martha when they are a little older.

I will say the best part of staying home is that I can be so present for little moments that make no sense but bring me such joy.  The way my kids eat their food, the cute little things they say to each other or to me, or even watching them play alone or with each other.  These little moments really anchor me because I know they are fleeting.  Motherhood really is the best thing in the world and I wish they could stay little forever!

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