baby 3 - 18, 19, & 20 Weeks

Totally honest here, blogging during the summer is hard!  Hard to find free time.  My kids aren't the kind of kids who sit and watch a full show.  Emerson could MAYBE do that, but Brooks really doesn't watch TV.  This isn't a bad thing at all, I just only have nap time to blog and well my oldest doesn't nap so it is hard to squeeze this in.  Not to mention if the stars align, and the both nap, so do I!  Doesn't happen often, but I make myself relax when this happens because if just a few months I won't be able to relax at all.

These past few weeks have honestly been a blast with my kids.  I am really trying to soak up as much summer with them as I possibly can.  We have been to the pool a few times, museum, library probably four times these past few weeks, and hours upon hours outside or at a park.  The best part of the summer is seeing how close Em and Brooks have become.  He has always followed her around and now she actually enjoys playing with him.  They play hide-n-seek, dance parties in her room, snuggle up together and he even attempts to play dress up with her.  It is freaking adorable.

Total weight gain:  I have no idea...maybe like 13 pounds?  What is strange is I happened to look at my old visits from Emerson and Brooks, and I gained kind of the same except with Brooks I stopped gaining in the third trimester vs. Emerson I really gained more towards the end.  All I can do is eat balanced, with treats in moderation, and hope for the best.  

Maternity clothes:  OH yeah and I feel like my bump is lower so some already feel uncomfortable. 

Stretch marks:  So far I am in the clear

Sleep:  Emerson has been sleeping much, much better.  She can't come in our room until the sun is awake which is around 6:30 right now.  I really can't complain.

Miss anything:  My husband?  He has been out of town and working late when he has been in town, so I for sure miss having around every evening.  And sushi.  

Movement:  Flutters all day.  It isn't strong enough for Matt to feel just yet.

Food cravings:  Not really.  I do crave more salty things which is odd for me.

Symptoms:  I am starting to feel my belly meaning getting up and down isn't as quick/ easy.  I get worn out easily.

Happy or Moody:  Emotional actually.  Thinking about both kids in preschool soon makes me realize how the time is fleeting and gets me worked up.  They don't have to go to school, so if I miss them I can always keep them home a day here and there.  I just know once baby 3 is here they are going to want/ need that outlet.  Plus Emerson is at the age where she wants friends.  She has always loved hanging out with other kids, but now she approaches strangers (her age) and ask if they want to play with her if we are at the park.  I actually called Emerson's school to waitlist her for a 3 days a week program instead of her current 4 days.  They suggest the rule of thumb is to send them as many years old they are so 4 years old means you go 4 days.  Next year she will to TK instead of Kindergarten which is 5 days.  

Looking forward to:  This weekend is Labor Day so I love having a nice long weekend with my family.

Exercise:  I don't remember??  Yoga and walking a few times a week.  I tried to do jump squats this week and jumping just doesn't feel right.  I am old y'all.  I can feel it in my knees so I am really just trying to live with the goal with moving in some for or fashion daily.

Other:  Matt and I went on a date night which was perfect since he has been gone so much.  We have got to get in as many dates as possible because once number 3 comes it will be hard to leave her with a sitter.  I am pretty sure we didn't leave Brooks alone with a sitter until he was 6 months old and we put him down before we left.  I am sure I will be the same way with this one.   I really like our sitter, but I think trusting them with a young baby AND toddlers is unrealistic.

Gotta love Em's fake smiles.  She is not of fan of taking pictures!


baby 3 - 17 weeks!

Total weight gain: I started off smaller than I was with Brooks, but I weigh the same as I did with him at this point.  I am currently up 10 pounds!  Yikes!  My levels were off (which is why the blood work was positive - see last post) which made me feel dizzy and more sick so my diet was lots of fries, mac and cheese, and Kix.  I would try to eat salads and throw those up.  I would also try to make smoothies and could sometimes eat them....but mostly ate crackers, cheese, things like that so my weight gain is no surprise.

Maternity clothes:  Yes for pants.  I have some exercise shorts that I still fit in, but any of my LuLu or nicer things I am not risking me stretching them out.

Stretch marks:  Nope because I obsess about lotion 2x a day!

Sleep:  Compared to how I slept about a year ago, sleeping like a dream.  I had really bad insomnia due to a hormone thing so I do not take closing my eyes and actually sleeping for granted anymore.  I have to sleep with ear plugs which is a habit from last year I need to break.  When you have insomnia every little sound gets to you...the dog moving or your hubby rolling.  With that said, Emerson is all over the place and likes to come to our bathroom, turn on the lights, and cry for water.  I have no idea what has gotten into her.  Matt and I joke that when our kids are adults living in their own homes we plan to stay over and act like toddlers as pay back.  Like refusing our dinner, waking them up because we want water, things like that.....we are so mature.

Miss anything:  I do miss getting a good workout in!  I was very good about working out 6x a week and eating healthy before baby and being dizzy has left my workouts VERY modified.  I am not stressed about getting back to my old size or anything, I just miss a good sweat with lots of burpees, jumping rope, and hot yoga.  I had diastasic recti after Brooks and actually saw a PT for it, so I am very very careful this go around.  I will more than likely have it again because of another pregnancy, but at least I know I am not making it worse by doing planks or mountain climbers.

Movement:  Not yet!  Just a few flutters.  I CANNOT wait for this.

Food cravings:  Not really.  I finally able to eat more like my old self which is nice.

Anything make you queasy?  I still avoid BBQ, anything with a red sauce so all Italian dishes, and even salsa.

Symptoms:  Just more hungry than normal.

Happy or Moody:  Mostly happy!  I have had a great summer with my kids, but I am ready to have a few hours to myself once school starts.

Looking forward to:  The weekend!  Matt has been working long hours/ going to the PGA so it will be nice to have some family time together.

Exercise:  2 walks, 2 yoga classes, and my weights workout I do in our basement.

Other:  Emerson had her 4 year well visit and she did great with all her shots!  I am glad she won't have anymore until middle school, but she really did handle it better than I expected.  I treated her to a lunch date and she picked Panera because she loves their mac.  Brooks was just happy to be along for the ride.

Matt and I went to the PGA that was here in Charlotte on Saturday.  It was a blast, but SO hot!  I lasted about 6 hours before I called it quits. 

And here is a picture of my little Brooks.  He was struggling going down for a nap and actually let me rock him which NEVER happens.  I am the worst at the transition from rocking a baby to sleep to placing them in their crib still sleeping.  Love my little wild guy.


Life Lately

Where to begin?  I guess I will cut to the chase and just announce that we are expecting baby #3 this winter!  We are super excited and cannot wait to meet HER!  That's right...we already found out the gender.  We had a bit of a scare this pregnancy because I tested positive (1:86) chance for Downs during my second trimester screening.  We were actually in Hilton Head on vacation and I got a call from my OB's cell phone on the way to dinner.  He explained that he already made an appointment for the next day and I needed to come back to have a level 2 ultrasound.  So we did and during this ultrasound they found a few soft markers.  Baby girl has a sandal gap, an echogenic intracardiac focus, and a small nasal bone.  All of these things happen in normal pregnancies, but seeing them combined with my blood work they increased my risk to 1:40.  Matt and I decided to move forward with amniocentesis and I cannot put into words how much stress and anxiety it caused waiting for those results.  It was a brutal two days, but Matt was beyond amazing since I couldn't lift either kid or carry much at the beach.  Luckily we found out she was healthy and the genetic counselor asked if we wanted to know the gender and I couldn't resist.  I did not want anymore surprises.  Plus deep down I think I didn't want to know the gender because I didn't want to bond with this baby until I was further along because of the miscarriage last fall.  I haven't spoke of this on here because it has been too painful, but I had one spot of blood at 9 weeks and went in for an ultrasound and found out the baby had passed 10 days earlier.  Life changing.   Seeing an ultrasound like that is something no one should have to do.  We decided to have a D&C because my sister-in-law was getting married days later which honestly sucked.  All you want to do after that is to be alone and eat your feelings and here I was in a wedding and trying to smile.  I LOOOVVE my sister-in-law to death, but the timing couldn't have been worse.  It was a beautiful wedding and seeing my little girl as the flower girl was a lot of fun, so maybe it was a bit of a distraction as well.  If anything I learned from that experience how much of a gift even having a child really is.  Not that I didn't know that before, but it really made me grateful to already be a Mom.

I plan on doing weekly updates as best as I can with this baby because I really enjoy looking and comparing my other two pregnancies.  Stay tuned!


Weekend at the sanctuary

Matt and I are not good about going on dates.  In fact, I can count one hand how many dates we have had since Brooks came into the picture.  Even before him we weren't that great either.  We are lucky that our marriage for the most part is easy.  Don't get me wrong...we are still human and have disagreements, but we have been together for so long and we know everything about one another we can both take a step back and see the other person's side.  Plus Matt is just an easy guy to be married to.  He is funny, handy, selfless, humble, good looking and somehow doesn't age (totally unfair), and the best Daddy to our kids.  Still though, we know date nights are important and we both have said we need to be better.  So when my in-laws offered to take the kids for the weekend, we immediately started to figure out a getaway.  We decided on The Sanctuary because we went last year and had the best time.  The hotel is one of the nicest I have ever been to (if not the nicest) and we knew that although it was March and going to be cool we would still just be able to relax.  Naps, reading outside, day drinking...these are all things that make the both of us happy.

We came down on Thursday and stopped in Charleston for lunch and to walk around for a bit.  We ate lunch at Five Loaves and it was fresh and really yummy.  Then we decided to walk around.  And by walk around I mean finding a rooftop bar.  Lets face it, I hate to shop.  I do.  I walked into I think 3 stores and then just felt like I was wasting my day...boring...so rooftop bar it was!  We went to the Pavilion and had a drink before driving to Kiawah.

Once there we grabbed a drink at their bar and sat outside and just relaxed until our room was ready.  They upgraded us and treated us to a bottle of champagne since we counted this as my early birthday trip.  We had a few appetizers on our balcony before heading back to the lobby where we had more drinks and just decided to order some burgers which were realllllly good.  

Hands down the best cosmos I have ever had.  I had several during our trip!

The next day I worked out and we spent most of the day by the pool reading.  Reading outside is my favorite!  By late afternoon we decided to head to the Ryder Bar for an appetizer and drinks.  The view there is so beautiful and peaceful.  After that we decided to head to Freshfields Village which is a little shopping area to try out a wine bar.  I have never been to one before where you are given a card and go and the machine pours you a taste, half glass or a full glass depending on what you select.  We were able to try to bottles that we would never splurge on so that was a treat.  We decided to walk next door to King Street Grill for a quick bite because we weren't starving, but needed a little more.  The food was actually good, just the atmosphere was blah.

View from our table at the Ryder Bar!

I thought the restrooms at the Ryder Bar were awesome looking!  Herringbone floors with grasscloth are my love language! 

Wine Bar were you filled your own glass...pretty neat!

On our last day we decided to try a place called The Market which was walking distance from our room for breakfast.  So good and affordable!  We don't mind splurging for dinner, but we can't do that for every meal.  We then rented bikes for a few hours which was so much fun!  The houses on Kiawah are not like anything I have ever seen.  We read by the pool again before having drinks in the lobby followed by dinner at Jasmines Porch.

Seriously the best trip!


Professional Photos

We had professional photos done in both July 2016 and in November 2016.  I love how they all turned out!  They are too cute not to share!