First family of four vacation

My in-laws were out of the country and let us use their condo in Hilton Head a few weeks ago.  We were able to go down for about 5 days and had a blast.  Brooks was about 5 weeks when we went, so he couldn't go to the beach except early or late in the day and only for about an hour.  If it felt too warm (everyday had a strong breeze - we even broke an umbrella) so I felt okay taking him down.  I wasn't able to get in the water since I didn't have my postpartum appointment yet, so Matt completely took over playing with Emerson.  She was in her element on the beach!  She loved it and played contently by herself!  It reminds me how quickly time flies because it feels like yesterday she was eating sand.

We learned the hard way that eating out for dinner was a bad idea.  Our one experience ended with Em refusing her meal, Brooks screaming, Matt inhaling his food, my order was wrong so I ate it in the car.  Just not worth it especially after you wait for a table.  Making a toddler wait for anything is a chore.  So we decided to either go out for breakfast, pick up food, or even cook.  We brought down a frozen meal and that was clutch.  

I was worried that it wouldn't feel relaxing because we were just taking our chaos somewhere else since Brooks was still cluster feeding and not on a schedule yet, but it was the opposite.  There was no house to clean, or tasks that needed to get done that made sitting down very relaxing. 

I have to say that the solly baby wrap came in really handy.  It was how I carried Brooks to the beach and is really thin and breathable - opposite of his ergo carrier which I love for quick errands indoors.  The other piece of gear that is a must in the baby tent since Brooks can't wear sunscreen yet, and a wagon.  The sand was too hot for Emerson to walk on (we tried and she wasn't having it so Matt had to make two trips up and had offers from strangers trying to help him since he had to carry her and everything else) so the wagon was clutch.  We also brought Brooks' rock n' play down to the beach so we could put him down somewhere in the tent.

Lots of pictures!  Love my little family!!

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