My girlfriends hosted a Sprinkle for Brooks.  They are such an amazing group of girlfriends and I am beyond thankful to have them in my life!  Below are a few pictures :)

The hosts minus Tori who was on a tropical island! :)

Marina and me!

BFF from high school who drove up with her newborn daughter

sisters minus Amanda who was due weeks later

all my sisters :)

me, mom and my mother-in-law



More Family Beach Pictures!

I finally uploaded our camera and have more pictures from our vacation back in May to share!  Lots of the same, but I can't help myself and put them all up.  Love this little beach bum so much!!

Patrick Brooks is here!

This post is a little long, but I write this blog for me to remember things by and this is something I don't want to forget!

Our little man came into this world a little firecracker.  Once again I had an early baby.  When I was 37 weeks and 5 days I woke up having some cramps so I assumed it was because I was hungry and went on my merry way and ate some breakfast.  Well that didn't stop them so then I thought I was having annoying braxton hicks and decided to take Emerson on a 3 mile hilly walk and then we went to the outlets for Father's Day shopping.

labor day walk
We got home around lunch and I realized that they weren't going away but wasn't concerned since I had a doctor's appointment at 3.  I went ahead and packed my hospital bag, took a shower, and cleaned as much as possible before that appointment.  I took my non stress test which confirmed that I was having minor contractions that were irregular and even more importantly, that baby was doing great!  My doctor also confirmed that I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced but told me that he thought this baby could come that weekend or it could be a few more weeks.  I felt a little defeated because I asked about my contractions and he told me that I shouldn't be able to talk through them and they needed to be 5 minutes apart for an hour.  He said what I was having weren't strong enough.  I left there feeling sort of down about everything because they were uncomfortable.  Looking back I should have listened to my body because I knew something wasn't right, but I told myself I was being weak and to pull it together.  I went home and actually cried to Matt because I didn't feel good and he drew me bath which really did help with the pain.  During this bath I ate part of a milkshake that was in the freezer...go figure...my last meal.  All I kept thinking is that I can't be uncomfortable like this for weeks...kill me know...I would rather of a c-section then.  Matt was great and completely took care of Emerson and even put her to bed which is what I do every night.  I laid in bed trying to take a nap until about 8:30 when Matt suggested we go hang out in the basement because our AC was out upstairs.  At this point I really didn't feel good but my contractions were still irregular.  I asked Matt to time them and he forgot, poured himself a cocktail instead.  I told him if this was our first baby we would be at the hospital right now.  This statement surprised him because he honestly thought I couldn't handle pain and was being dramatic.  Well I went to the bathroom at 9 and saw some blood and that did it for me, I called the doctor and decided it was go time.  The call to let them know you are coming was 30 minutes!!!  Are you kidding me?!!  I couldn't breath through my contractions at this point.  They were coming on strong and fast.  This is when Matt decided he needed to go pack and call his Mom and our friend Casey to come watch Emerson.  We left the house at 9:30 and I had two painful contractions in the car and then it happened...my water broke at 9:43.  Matt turned on the hazards, ran red lights, drove 70 the rest of the way to get there.  I thought I was dying.  I was making these strange moaning noises that Matt describes as a human, cat and a werewolf combined.  We flew into a handicap parking spot and Matt immediately grabbed a wheelchair which I declined because the ramp would have taken too long to go up.  He ran inside to the front desk while I had a contraction while walking in and fell to the ground.  I literally crawled into the hospital.  Apparently there was a cute and put together couple that was checking in who were clearly coming to be induced and Matt said she saw me and turned white.  I know I looked like something out of a scary moving just screaming while crawling.  Some lady got me a wheelchair and rushed me to the elevator.  I couldn't sit...I had to sit to the side...he was coming.  Once we got to the maternity floor I kept saying I had to GO and they rushed me into a room and said that I could do it on the table.  Ha.  I was feeling the baby coming and didn't have to GO but didn't know that at the time.  There were about 8 nurses in our room...it was chaos.  They were all turning on equipment and asking me questions...seriously nuts.  I took off my clothes and asked how dilated I was and one nurse said that I was all the way so I asked if I could have an epidural and I saw the faces of two of the nurses and they said no.  This caused me to scream out the F bomb.  I think this is when I saw my doctor enter the room and I pushed 3 times and he was out.  There was a rush to get him out because his heart rate was low, but I didn't hear that.  I just wanted him OUT.  After his head was out he literally flew out of my body.  I saw my doctor actually catch him.  He was immediately taken to the nurses in the room and checked out before I could hold him.  Holding him right after birth was amazing.  I didn't get that last time.  Well since this birth happened so fast, I tore and needed stitches.  My doctor offered an array of options but since I didn't have pain medicine he opted for me to get a spinal tap and go to an OR for stitches.  THAT was weird.  I don't even want to think about that again.

9:59 pm ~ 7 lbs 5 oz ~ 20.5"

his little hands are purple! 

This was the craziest experience of my life and not at all what I thought this birth would be like.  I really felt empowered as cliche as that sounds and see why women don't get an epidural.  With that said, I will gladly be drugged up for baby 3 because the moment I feel a single contraction my happy self will hang out at the hospital.  This cannot happen again.  I need an easy birth.

I also can't explain how amazing it was to hold a newborn again and to immediately fall in love with him.  I honestly didn't know how you could love someone as much as you love your first born, but it just happens naturally.  I couldn't wipe the smile off my face nor could I fall asleep.  It was partly from the adrenaline and partly because I felt SO lucky.  Here I was, the mother of another healthy baby who was absolutely perfect.  You fill your head with such worry during your pregnancy and it is such a relief when you get to hold your child and have those fears just wash away.  Motherhood is such an incredible gift and we are just so in love with Brooks!!