bump #2 - 34, 35 & 36 weeks!

Baby is here!  I already had this post typed out so here it is!

Life has been super busy lately.  Busy because I am making it busy.  I have this need to have as much done as possible, as far as our house being decorated, before he comes.  I am really trying to have the master bedroom, Emerson's room, and the nursery complete (with the exception of wall decor) as quickly as possible.  While we were on vacation we purchased a new king bed and I have been shopping like a crazy person getting the mattress and bedding options. 

Same for Emerson's room - I have tried out 2 different bedding options and have another on the way to the house.  Little girls rooms are hard.  I am not a girly girl so I have a hard time picking things out for her in her room.  Like I like Pottery Barn Kids in the store, but when I get it home I always second guess the girls stuff.  Boys decor is soooo much easier I think.  The nursery is almost done minus a few walls that need something and a pillow for the chair.  We also ordered furniture for our deck, 3 area rugs, and fabric for drapes in our room.  After all this I won't be buying anything until 2016.  Since we are having a photographer come to our house for pictures, I want our msater bedroom to look somewhat decent and not like we just moved in.  All of this coupled with buying things for baby boy while having fun each day with Emerson has kept me busy.  Like I said though, busy is a choice.

I am actually 36 weeks now (crazy!) but I still want to keep up with this blog even if it is slack.  When I was 34 weeks we went to the beach for my SIL's graduation.  It was SO much fun.  Matt rented a place in Wild Dunes for a few days and it was so perfect.  He rented a condo so Emerson could have her own room which was clutch.  I had no desire to go to bed at 7pm when she does or be silent while she was napping.  It was my first time at Wild Dunes and I really liked it.  Matt goes each year with work so he knew the lay of the land.  Going to the beach with a tot is so different but I wouldn't change it.  One night, for example, it was easier just to pick up subs from the deli in the hotel than it was to go out to eat.  Just a different kind of vacation, but I had a blast!  Love my little family!  After a few days we stayed on Sullivans Island with Matt's family and that was a lot of fun as well.  Everyone helps with Emerson so it is a nice break.  She was such a trooper through graduation and restaurant wait times and I loved seeing his family interact with her.  I can tell she loves them so much and had a great time with them.  Below are some iPhone pics!

Ok...so moving on to the bump update....

34 weeks 5 days

Total weight gain:  +23-24 pounds.  I do not care about this number and it changes back and forth everyday.  I think I will stay around 30 pounds when it is all said and done and I am happy about that.  At my last doctor visit I was up +21 which if I am cheating I use this number in my head instead of the +24...haha.
Maternity clothes:  Clothes are uncomfortable.  I could just stay in Matt's shirts but I know that isn't appropriate outside of the house.  I do prefer my clothes to be more fitted this pregnancy just so I look less sloth like.
Sleep:  Everyday is different.  Some nights I sleep like a baby and others I have super bad insomnia for hours and end up googling my face off.  On days that I have insomnia I tend to nap when she naps.  I felt guilty at first but know the end and need to soak up as much sleep as possible before he comes.
Miss anything:  Normal clothes.  I can't wait to go shopping.  I have bought a few things I can't try on just because not shopping for 10 months is super boring and I only bought a few pairs of maternity jeans from Old Navy this go around.  I also can't wait to be in shape again.  I do not like getting out of breath by taking stairs and can't wait to go on a good run again.
Movement:  It has gone down a little bit, but he still move so much more than Emerson.  My doctor told me to drink something sweet and sit for two hours and count my kicks.  Who has time for that?  This has been my excuse for getting ice cream at night lately.  I am not worried about his movements right now.  It is frequent enough at this point.
Food cravings:  ice cream all day everyday.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I just avoid the same things every week - red sauce anything including ketchup now, onions, peppers and chocolate candy.
Symptoms:  Being large
Happy or moody:  Both.  I get really moody when I don't get a lot of sleep plus I am struggling to make decorating decisions on my own house.  Then I have really happy times like when we were at the beach and I had my awesome sprinkle this past weekend (next blog post).  I am also emotional.  I cry at everything including seeing roadkill.  It is unreal.
Looking forward to:  My next doctor's appointment!  I love hearing that everything is on track and ok, plus the sound of the heart beat never gets old.
Exercise:  34 weeks - T25 2 times, 20 min on a bike, and two 3 mile walks on vacation.  35 weeks - T25 4 times and one 3 mile walk.  36 weeks - T25 4 times and two long walks.