bump #2 - 33 weeks!

This picture was taken after my last run.  I had to throw in the towel.  My legs just didn't feel right and it wasn't worth hurting myself.  I am grateful that I made it to 33 weeks!  This past week Emerson and I went shopping, picked strawberries twice actually, and went to our first play date and my friend's house.  I love being home with her!!

Total weight gain:  +22.  No increase this week, but we are leaving for the beach so I am sure I will make up for it.
Maternity clothes:  Duh
Sleep:  I am sleeping great!  I FINALLY got Emerson on a later schedule and she has been sleeping in past 6, sometimes 6:30 and I am so so so grateful!!
Miss anything?  Energy.  I am feeling really pregnant and find myself taking more breaks and naps during the day.
Movement:  All the time and especially at night.  I love it  - soaking up this feeling because it is what I will miss once he is here.
Food cravings:  Nothing really stands out.  I am getting full fast now.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still avoiding the usual suspects....red sauce anything, peppers, and onions.
Symptoms:  Leg cramps, insomnia, and anemic.
Happy or moody?  Happy!  Love being home with my girl and in full throttle nest mode.  Plus we head to the beach next week!
Looking forward to:  Vacation!!!!
Exercise:  One last run, long walk with E, Tracy Anderson DVD once, and T25 four times that were extra modified. 

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