bump #2 - 33 weeks!

This picture was taken after my last run.  I had to throw in the towel.  My legs just didn't feel right and it wasn't worth hurting myself.  I am grateful that I made it to 33 weeks!  This past week Emerson and I went shopping, picked strawberries twice actually, and went to our first play date and my friend's house.  I love being home with her!!

Total weight gain:  +22.  No increase this week, but we are leaving for the beach so I am sure I will make up for it.
Maternity clothes:  Duh
Sleep:  I am sleeping great!  I FINALLY got Emerson on a later schedule and she has been sleeping in past 6, sometimes 6:30 and I am so so so grateful!!
Miss anything?  Energy.  I am feeling really pregnant and find myself taking more breaks and naps during the day.
Movement:  All the time and especially at night.  I love it  - soaking up this feeling because it is what I will miss once he is here.
Food cravings:  Nothing really stands out.  I am getting full fast now.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Still avoiding the usual suspects....red sauce anything, peppers, and onions.
Symptoms:  Leg cramps, insomnia, and anemic.
Happy or moody?  Happy!  Love being home with my girl and in full throttle nest mode.  Plus we head to the beach next week!
Looking forward to:  Vacation!!!!
Exercise:  One last run, long walk with E, Tracy Anderson DVD once, and T25 four times that were extra modified. 

bump #2 - 31 & 32 weeks!

I am combining the updates for 31 and 32 weeks.  I am actually 34 weeks now and had this already typed up.  I don't have a computer anymore so I wasn't able to do an update last week.  I do have Matt's old iPad only because on my last day of work I ran an errand before picking Emerson up from school and left my phone on the roof of my car and it smashed into pieces that we couldn't recover.  (I went back to look for it and then Matt wanted to see for himself).  We luckily had insurance and Matt basically sold the guy in Verizon into giving me an early upgrade and money off a new iPad.  We came out on top somehow but it was a very tramatic day.  Nothing like peacing out from your career and then thinking you have to shell out $600 bucks for a new phone.  Fail.  

I am now a SAHM and love it.  I have to say it was werid to quit and basically give up my professional side and security.  Plus I worked with a bestie so I know it is going to be strange not talking to her 678 times a day.  It hasn't been all roses over here either.  It has been an adjustment just trying to figure how much I can do with Emerson being on my own and so pregnant.  I have overdone it a few times and do get frustrated being so pregnant.  It is just been weird to go from sitting a desk to chasing a tot around and feeling exhausted when old Jessica would have been fine.  Or having her literally lose her mind when we have to leave the park or playground and having to carry a kicking a screaming kid out when I feel so big.  Spending so much time with her has been great though, she is truly a sweet and loving little girl and when she comes and gives me kisses or hugs for no reason it really just melts me.  She finally said "love you" on her own and I about died.  Normally we have to say it first.  I am SOOO lucky to have these weeks with her.  I cannot thank my husband enough. 

31 weeks
32 weeks

Total wight gain: +22
Maternity clothes:  Yes and I am so over them.  I might need to buy some large workout tanks now that I am staying home and like to wear workout clothes as my everyday clothes.  I am not a fan of maternity workout pants so I am just wearing some of my shorts or pants that have some give to them. 
Sleep:  Emerson refuses to sleep past 5:45 so we are all up early.... sucks.  I am sleeping hard and I don't even think I move until Emmy wakes. 
Miss anything?  Morning workouts.  I love to get my fitness in before everyone wakes up, but now that I am staying home (awesome!) and Emerson gets up so early, it has been hard to adjust.  I am also getting to the point where I might need to give running up.  I feel great other then my calves and knees are starting to feel different so I know the end is near.  I am still able to do home videos which I actually enjoy so that is what I will be doing until his arrival!  And of course, walks with my tot!
Movement:  Bigger movements which are sometimes almost painful, but I am loving it because this is what I will miss the most once he is here.
Food Cravings:  Nope.  
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I still avoid tomato things....sometimes I eat ketchup which is pushing it, onions, and peppers.  Chocolate sometimes give me reflux too.  
Symptoms:  I honestly feel great minus being sleepy.  If this were my first pregnancy I would be coasting.  I am anemic but I think that is normal.
Happy or moody:  So happy....staying home with E has been a pleasure.  Sure she throws her tantrums and I am figuring things out, but I love it.  
Looking forward to:  Family beach trip.  We are going Charleston for my SIL's graduation, so we decided to add on a few nights for our little family.  Even though I am not supposed to travel at this point, I have my doctor's permission since I am feeling great.
Exercise:  31 weeks - 4 runs and half were 2.3 and the other were only 2 miles.  32 weeks - 3 runs that were 2 miles, 2 T25 workouts, and 2 decent walks with Emerson.