bump #2 - 29 weeks!

This past weekend we attended my brother-in-law's wedding.  It was so great to see all of my husband's family and everything came together beautifully.  The weather could not be more perfect.  The weekend flew by and of course I didn't take many pictures (shocker).  As awesome as the wedding was, my favorite part of the entire weekend was taking Emerson to a park near my parents house for her to ride a train.  She LOVED it and freaked out every time the train came by.  It was such a cool experience to have with her.  That park also has a nice playground and she was fearless on it.  Matt is SUCH a great Daddy with her and I love watching them together.

My SIL - Ansley


me and my girl!
I didn't get a true bump picture, but this is pretty close!

Total weight gain: +19
Maternity clothes:  Yessssss and I am so ready to wear my old clothes again. 
Sleep:  I have insomnia almost daily now. 
Miss Anything?  My energy.  I can really tell a difference this past week.
Movement:  I feel him all the time.  It is amazing.  I know I am going to miss this when he is here.
Food cravings:  Fried chicken and I drove to the other side of Charlotte to get some for lunch the other day.  Ridiculous.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Reflux which wakes me up sometimes.  Terrible.
Gender:  Boy!  I think we have decided on a name too.  Matt isn’t 100% but I heard him telling people this past weekend. 
Symptoms:  Anemic, leg cramps, insomnia, reflux, and my belly button has been an out for most of this pregnancy but for some reason it is really grossing me out lately.
Happy or Moody:  Happy!!  I just put in my two weeks notice at work and I am SO excited to have a few weeks with just Emerson before little man arrives!!
Looking forward to:  I have an OB appointment Thursday so I always look forward to those.  Plus depending on the weather we are either going to Beaufort or having an Emerson free staycation this weekend.  As much as I love her, I can’t wait for some one on one time with Matt.  Not to mention going out to eat and not inhaling my food.
Exercise:  Ran 4 x 2.3 miles and did a T25 arm workout that was extremely modified.  Glad I shortened my runs a bit.  People ask me all the time about running while pregnant and the thing is the belly doesn't bother me (so far) it is my calves and legs running with the extra weight that cause me to want to walk.  Every week I run I am thankful because I know it won’t last much longer.

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