bump #2 - 30 weeks!

This past weekend was glorious.  Matt and I had an Emerson free statycation and loved it.  We ate out for every meal, slept in, and even got things done around the house.  We mainly ran errands to look at furniture and I need a laptop now that I will be staying home - just errands that are hard for both of us to present in because one of us is entertaining her or chasing her around now.  It was awesome to just go in a store together without her as bad as that sounds.  We both missed her though!!

Total weight gain: +20.  I feel pretty great about this number and would love to keep this total under 30 but last pregnancy I put on a lot towards the end so we will see.
Maternity clothes:  Duh
Sleep:  I have been sleeping great this week minus on or two nights.  Can’t complain though. 
Miss Anything?  We went on a date for the first time since this past fall (we need to be better about this) and I really wanted a mojito.  I had a virgin, but it just isn’t the same. 
Movement:  He moves so much!  I feel him mostly in the evenings when I am on the sofa.
Food cravings:  Cereal with really cold milk.  I think because I have been having reflux, this is what I tend to eat for dinner when I don’t feel as great.  I am still on a fried chicken craving which I ate several times this past weekend.  This fried chicken sandwich from Napa on Providence is the bomb.  I made Matt try it too!

Anything making you queasy or sick?  My reflux has been soooo bad.  We had pizza one night and I had one piece and it seriously ruined my night.  Never again.  I know better and of course blamed Matt.  I also had Panera soup and that really messed my tummy up.  I guess from all the sodium?  I will be avoiding that as well.
Gender:  Little dude!  So curious if he will look like Matt or me.  Matt went on a shopping spree and bought him all sorts of athletic hats which is really cute.
Symptoms:  Anemia, leg cramps, insomnia, and reflux.  I never thought the anemic thing was that important but the OB showed me my levels and explained why Iron is so important and that it will be easier for recovery if I get my levels up.  Say no more…anything to make postpartum easier I am ALL for.
Happy or Moody:  Happy!!!!  It feels SO good to quit my job.  I know staying home is going to be work especially being as pregnant as I am and ESPECIALLY when I have two, but it makes no comparison to working full time when you don’t like what you do.  It was sad when I turned in Emerson’s notice for daycare because her teacher sobbed and told me how much she loves Emerson and asked if she could babysit which I am all for.  I love her teacher so this was the hardest part of quitting.
Looking forward to:  My last day is the 27th which cannot come soon enough!  I have another OB appointment that morning so I am excited to see that everything is on track.  
Exercise:  I ran 4 times at 2.3 miles each and did a Tracy Anderson DVD.  I like to run in the mornings and Matt wants to go in the office even earlier than he already does once I stay home so I might be throwing in the towel on running once that happens.  I can still take her on daily walks but I don’t see my pregnant self being home from my runs by 6am.  Maybe I will surprise myself!


bump #2 - 29 weeks!

This past weekend we attended my brother-in-law's wedding.  It was so great to see all of my husband's family and everything came together beautifully.  The weather could not be more perfect.  The weekend flew by and of course I didn't take many pictures (shocker).  As awesome as the wedding was, my favorite part of the entire weekend was taking Emerson to a park near my parents house for her to ride a train.  She LOVED it and freaked out every time the train came by.  It was such a cool experience to have with her.  That park also has a nice playground and she was fearless on it.  Matt is SUCH a great Daddy with her and I love watching them together.

My SIL - Ansley


me and my girl!
I didn't get a true bump picture, but this is pretty close!

Total weight gain: +19
Maternity clothes:  Yessssss and I am so ready to wear my old clothes again. 
Sleep:  I have insomnia almost daily now. 
Miss Anything?  My energy.  I can really tell a difference this past week.
Movement:  I feel him all the time.  It is amazing.  I know I am going to miss this when he is here.
Food cravings:  Fried chicken and I drove to the other side of Charlotte to get some for lunch the other day.  Ridiculous.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Reflux which wakes me up sometimes.  Terrible.
Gender:  Boy!  I think we have decided on a name too.  Matt isn’t 100% but I heard him telling people this past weekend. 
Symptoms:  Anemic, leg cramps, insomnia, reflux, and my belly button has been an out for most of this pregnancy but for some reason it is really grossing me out lately.
Happy or Moody:  Happy!!  I just put in my two weeks notice at work and I am SO excited to have a few weeks with just Emerson before little man arrives!!
Looking forward to:  I have an OB appointment Thursday so I always look forward to those.  Plus depending on the weather we are either going to Beaufort or having an Emerson free staycation this weekend.  As much as I love her, I can’t wait for some one on one time with Matt.  Not to mention going out to eat and not inhaling my food.
Exercise:  Ran 4 x 2.3 miles and did a T25 arm workout that was extremely modified.  Glad I shortened my runs a bit.  People ask me all the time about running while pregnant and the thing is the belly doesn't bother me (so far) it is my calves and legs running with the extra weight that cause me to want to walk.  Every week I run I am thankful because I know it won’t last much longer.


bump #2 - 27 & 28 weeks!

Once again behind posting these!  Better late than never!  

Total weight gain: +16.5
Maternity clothes:  Yes and some are already feeling tight.  I am not ready for that. 
Sleep:  Hit or miss.  He moves A LOT during the night and he has woken me up a few nights.  I am grateful for all the movement though.  Nothing reassures you more that everything is ok.  I really would like a nap which just isn't possible when you work.  Bleh.  
Miss Anything?  I really want a cold turkey sandwich from Jersey Mikes.  I can’t wait to eat this when I am in the hospital. 
Movement:  Oh yea!  I can tell that he is head down because his feet are kicking my ribs on the rights side.
Food cravings:  Food hasn’t been my thing this past week.  I did eat an 8 pack of Chick Fil A nuggets at 8:30 in the morning on the way to my doctors visit….and right before my glucose test.  I was CRAVING protein so bad.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Reflux is backkkk.  It is so awful.
Gender:  Boy!  Sometimes I can’t believe it.  It is a weird concept to think about how your whole family dynamic will change and from what people say this is all in your head.  Once he comes, people say that it will feel like he was always supposed to be here.
Symptoms:  I found out I am anemic.  Pretty common.  The doctor is going to check my bloodwork again because I do not want to take Iron.  I buy prenatal vitamins without it on purpose but I make an effort to eat a lot of spinach and meat.  If they are still low though I will of course take the supplement.  Speaking of doctor, my last visit everything looked great.  His heart beat was 156 and he measured right on track.  She also is all for a VBAC but said that it is really up to my body.  She suggested that I might want to have a back-up c-section scheduled after I hit 40 weeks.  She said it all just depends on how my body progresses because the last thing you want to do is labor and then have a c-section….which sounds awful.  She also said that having a baby, regardless of how, is still going to have a recovery period so I shouldn’t plan on picking up Emerson for a few weeks at least, more with a c-section.  She told me a story of how she had to hide in the closet from her oldest to feed her newborn and suggested that I start preparing Emerson for the baby by not carrying her as much which I am bad about. 
Happy or Moody:  Honestly this past week has just been sad.  I mentioned in my last post that my good friend received some terrible news and it has been hard not to think about her.  You could also say I am moody because I am so cranky at night.  I am exhausted and want to be sleeping by 8 if possible.
Looking forward to:  Emerson’s Easter Egg Hunt at school.  I grin just thinking about it.  Those kids are crazy on the playground which is where they are having it.  I
Exercise:  Ran 4 x 2.75 miles and felt great!

Total weight gain: +18.  
Maternity clothes:  Yep! 
Sleep:  As good as possible considering Emerson was sick most of last week which caused us all to wake up several times throughout the night.  Matt is pretty good about splitting this with me.  Some nights we actually wake the other one up to tell them it is their turn.  She had a respiratory infection and I cannot wait to get her out of daycare.  I know she will go to preschool in the fall and be sick all over again, but trying to work from home while taking care of a sick toddler deserves some kind of medal because you don’t get a break.  Every second she is independently playing or watching TV, you are trying to check emails or work.  It is pretty much impossible.  If I actually cared or liked my job I would be working after I put her to bed like I used to, but I don’t.  I am too exhausted and too checked out.
Miss Anything?  Same as always – cold turkey sandwich from Jersey Mikes!  Recently I have been craving sushi too.
Movement:  Lots!  Matt can see it from across the room now.  He move so much and sometimes it almost knocks the wind out of me.
Food cravings:  Fried chicken.  I can’t get it out of my head.  I had the most delicious chicken sandwich at brunch with my girlfriends and I have thought about it 378 times since then.  I might have to pick it up for lunch one day or go by Price’s Chicken Coop.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Reflux, but I take Tums and know which foods to avoid so I am pretty good here.
Gender:  Boy! 
Symptoms:  Anemic and leg cramps.  I had those with Emerson too and I think I needed more water or potassium.  So I have been drinking like a fish and made banana bread and banana pudding.
Happy or Moody:  Moody.  Staying home with a sick toddler can make a person mean.
Looking forward to:  Matt’s brother gets married this weekend.  I am so excited to see his family and extended family plus I get to hang out with my family.  My parents are going to watch Emerson most of the weekend so it will be nice to catch up with them and my sister, Charlea.
Exercise:  Ran 4 x 2.75 miles and did T25 arm workout that was extremely modified.  I think it is time to cut back my distance a little.  I was wishing the run was over twice now and I am never like that.  It is amazing what the human body can do though.  Being able to “run” (more like a slow jog) while carrying 18 extra pounds it kind of mind blowing.  (Matt thinks of 18 bags of deli meat if you need a visual..haha.)