bump #2 - 25 weeks!

Another gross selfie before work.  We are allowed to wear jeans if you wear a company shirt so I squeeze myself into it on Mondays.  I spy Emerson's legs!!  

Total weight gain: +15 thanks to cake and ice cream!
Maternity clothes:  Yes!  I can still wear some shirts, but why bother.  Maternity tops are so roomy.
Stretch marks:  I haven’t looked for them to be honest.
Sleep:  This week has been great.  Matt is back in town and she has been sleeping which is AWESOME!  Last weekend was brutal with her 5am wake up calls so this is a nice change.  My alarm has been going off anywhere between 5:15 and 5:30 so I can exercise this week though.  The weather has been amazing and I am taking full advantage!
Miss Anything?  Down time.  It has been go go go and I am ready for a day nothing.   
Movement:  Yes!  More and more!  I love it!
Food cravings:  I craved a burger on my drive back from Greenville so I tried one from Cookout.  It was ok.  Other than that sweets and cereal.  I can’t seem to get full in the mornings and end up eating two breakfasts and a snack before lunch.  My oatmeal isn't cutting it.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I got a little sick on my birthday, but overall I feel great!
Gender:  Boy!  I still can’t believe it.  I have started to buy things for him…even diapers.  I bought him a swimsuit which Matt thinks is a little ambitious since he won’t be getting in the pool so I will return it…boo.  Boys clothes are ugly y’all.  They really are.  I HATE graphic tees and I can't find many stores that carry decent boys clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  He mainly owns pajamas at this point which is what Emerson lived in at the beginning. 
Symptoms:  Still getting dizzy and still having pulls on my stomach which I think is round ligament pain.  
Happy or Moody:  Happy!  I celebrated my birthday this week!  Love that my daughter enjoys the sweets that come along with my birthday!!  We had a few friends over this weekend too.  Love my people.  We also got to see our families and my sweet little nephew, Tripp, turned 1!  Such an exciting time!
Looking forward to:  I think I finally have decided what I am going to do in Emerson's room as well as the nursery.  I will do a blog post about that soon.  I really want to design both rooms on the cheap just because they will change again in a few years when we have another.  I have the wall colors picked out so Matt is going to try and paint both rooms this weekend.  Can't wait!
Exercise:  I ran 4 times this week.  I am prettttty slow now, but it still counts!

We really had a great weekend.  Friday we had friends over, Saturday we went to Tripp's party and Sunday we ran errands.  We looked at rugs, went to Ikea, did some meal prepping, had a family walk and Emerson enjoyed her first popsicle.  I am having a hard time coming to terms that she isn't going to be my baby anymore.  Despite the big kid "drama" in her daycare (there are mean girls in her class that won't play with her and call her baby since she is the youngest) she is still my little baby.  I have cried over this a handful of times already.  Not sure what my problem is.

Crafty Patti (my Mom) made Emerson and Tripp bibs to match the theme - super cute!  She sin't feeling the picture.....

Diva won't look!

Tripp kept coming to Matt to play and then Emerson would get jealous and squeeze herself in between them.  My Mom said she did this the weekend before when she was watching both.

Excuse our ghetto cords....we need to have someone come and set up our TV.

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