bump #2 - 23 & 24 weeks!

So I failed at taking a picture for week 23.....don't hate!  


Total weight gain: +13.  It is so crazy to see this number on the scale.  I have to remind myself how far along I am, but I REALLY want to stay under 30 pounds with this baby.  I remember 20 came off pretty fast, but those last 15 hung around longer than I would like mainly because recovering from an emergency c-section is a real bitch and Emerson didn’t sleep through the night for a long time.  I do think postpartum will be easier in this time around because now I know what it feels like to lose the baby weight but to not have your old body.  Your body is so soft and squishy which is strange.
Maternity clothes:  For the most part.  I am really over winter clothes.
Stretch marks:  I have some on the sides that come and go almost.  I am being diligent about applying lotion.
Sleep:  Pretty good.  I am sleeping hard, like waking up in the same position I went to sleep in.
Miss Anything?  Honestly no.  I was craving wine and had a sip and it was disgusting.  I have zero desire for it now. 
Movement:  Yes!  Much lower than Emerson though.  I think I felt him in two places this week which means he was stretching out which is neat.
Food cravings:  Sweets, sweets and super salty foods like cashews with salt.  I polished off a whole can of those in days.  I have been thinking about fudge icing for days which is ridiculous.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  No, I feel great!
Gender:  BOY!
Symptoms:  My skin is breaking out and I still will feel weird tugs on my belly when I stand.  I remember feeling them with Emerson too.
Happy or Moody:  Stressed!  T-minus 17 weeks (if he is on time) and I have nothing done.  No stroller, no nursery, nothing.
Looking forward to:  Getting things figured out for this nursery.  I need to figure out paint and drapes, the rest we will reuse.  That always means I need to get Emerson’s big girl bed.  So many things!
Exercise:  I ran once, T25 twice, and Tracey Anderson once. 


Please excuse the mess in this picture as well as the quality.  I wonder how long I can get away with the excuse we just moved in?  I look and feel huge!

Total weight gain: +14…averaging about a pound a week
Maternity clothes:  Maternity work pants were super comfortable this week.  I think I am over doing the hair tie trick.
Stretch marks:  I might have a few small ones.  I was freaked out, but now I am hoping they just fade.
Sleep:  Each day is different because of Emerson.  I sleep like a rock and don’t even wake up to use the restroom.  Emerson had a virus this week that has woken her up a few times, not to get sick but I think her tummy is upset/ she is hungry.
Miss Anything?  I am feeling SO much bigger this week.  Matt is out of town so I am doing everything for Emerson which is totally fine, but I never do her bath and that felt hard to me.  It is getting harder to bend over to get whatever she drops too.  I remember hitting this point last time and you just start squatting down to pick things up. 
Movement:  Yes!  More and more!  I love it!
Food cravings:  Sweets still, eggs, granola, and cereal which is strange because I only eat that when I am pregnant.  
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I had to take a time out after changing one of Emerson’s sick diapers from that stomach bug.  So awful.
Gender:  BOY!!
Symptoms:  Getting dizzy every now and then (low blood pressure I assume), and cramps if I sit down too long. 
Happy or Moody:  Happy!  I went to a baby sale and got my Bob revolution double stroller and a Mamaroo!  These were the two big baby things I needed and I am glad to have them taken care of.  I have heard mixed things on the Mamaroo, but we used our Fisher Price swing so much last time that I think I will want the flexibility to have a swing in two different places of the house.  Plus the Mamaroo is easy to move from room to room.
Looking forward to:  My bestie from high school is having a sprinkle for her second daughter this weekend.  She is due in April and I am so looking forward to just catching up!
Exercise:  I ran twice and did T25 twice.  The runs are so much easier if I do them in the mornings.  We had a few warm days here so I was able to get them in before work.  I think these runs are around 2.5 miles now.  I would rather cut this back as needed before I stop completely.

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