bump #2 - 21 & 22 weeks!

I got behind with vacation so here are 21 & 22 updates!

Total weight gain: +11.  Awesome and I am heading on vacation as a write this so I expect to see this number increase a lot next week! 
Maternity clothes:  Still wearing a mixture of both.  This bump is lower than Emerson so I think my days of wearing regular workout pants are numbered.
Stretch marks:  Still in the clear!
Sleep:  Rough week.  Emerson is sick AGAIN and is not sleeping, eating or drinking.  Needless to say I am a frustrated and sleepy mama.  We actually thought she might have to go to the ER because she wasn’t drinking/ having wet diapers.  She is all better now, but has to have a nebulizer treatment every day for the next 3 months. 
Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my stomach.
Movement:  Yes!  It is the best feeling!
Food cravings:  Still craving spinach salad with egg, avocado, and my honey mustard dressing.  I could eat that every day.  Eating more and more this week – feeling hungrier than normal.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Honestly no.  I feel very lucky.
Gender:  BOY!  We are so excited!  We seriously thought it was a girl since we were told 80% yes based on the nub theory.  I already had everything figured out in my head as far as girl....even had the name narrowed down, so we are seriously surprised!  
Symptoms:  Feeling big which is sad because I have so much time left to go!
Happy or Moody:  Probably more moody – everything is annoying me since I am so tired.
Looking forward to:  Vacation!!!! 
Exercise:  I ran once in the morning through our new hood and it was awesome and then was able to do a run/ walk with Emerson one day.  Both were about 3 miles.  Our neighborhood is very hilly so I need to figure out some different routes because pregnancy and hills don’t work well together for me. 

Total weight gain: +12.  Vacation weight gain!  Whoop whoop! 
Maternity clothes:  Both.  I always wear maternity jeans, but the other types of pants I tend to stick to my regular.  Obviously maternity dresses and tops unless they are the big blouse kind that will fit any shape.
Stretch marks:  I see some on my sides….epic fail.
Sleep:  Amazing since we spent 4 days in Punta Cana so we were both able to rest up!
Miss Anything?  My luggage?  I checked a bag because I was too lazy to decide what would fit/ not fit for our trip.  Plus I forgot to buy travel sunscreen and face wash.  I NEVER check a bag just because it is a hassle.  Well, they lost this pregnant mama’s bag and it has been such a headache.  They told me to buy whatever I would need for 24 hours which would be cool if I wasn’t pregnant.  Our resort had like 3 clothing stores and only one of which is appropriate/ fit….(lots of short saucy dresses & string bikinis in the others).  This one store was super expensive and I am super cheap so I have such anxiety that US Airways won’t pay us back.  We will see.  The good news is that they found my suitcase, but lesson learned…never checking a bag again.
Movement:  More and more….love it!  I can start to see him move from the outside which is cool.
Food cravings:  My spinach salads and I ate my body weight in pineapple and brownies on our trip.  I drank lots of virgin mojitos too which were delicious.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I have felt dizzy a few times, but that has more to do with my low blood pressure I think.
Gender:  BOY!
Symptoms:  This is gross, but sometimes coughing up blood in the mornings.  I have an appointment today and will ask about it.  I also noticed more pulling/ cramping when I stand up.
Happy or Moody:  Both!  Super happy to be on vacation and spend the day we got back with Emerson, but losing your bag in a foreign country is a downer.
Looking forward to:  Setting up our house.  I can’t wait to start on the nursery and Emerson’s room. 
Exercise:  I ran twice.  Once on vacation and once in our neighborhood.  I need to be better.  

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