bump #2 - 21 & 22 weeks!

I got behind with vacation so here are 21 & 22 updates!

Total weight gain: +11.  Awesome and I am heading on vacation as a write this so I expect to see this number increase a lot next week! 
Maternity clothes:  Still wearing a mixture of both.  This bump is lower than Emerson so I think my days of wearing regular workout pants are numbered.
Stretch marks:  Still in the clear!
Sleep:  Rough week.  Emerson is sick AGAIN and is not sleeping, eating or drinking.  Needless to say I am a frustrated and sleepy mama.  We actually thought she might have to go to the ER because she wasn’t drinking/ having wet diapers.  She is all better now, but has to have a nebulizer treatment every day for the next 3 months. 
Miss Anything?  Sleeping on my stomach.
Movement:  Yes!  It is the best feeling!
Food cravings:  Still craving spinach salad with egg, avocado, and my honey mustard dressing.  I could eat that every day.  Eating more and more this week – feeling hungrier than normal.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Honestly no.  I feel very lucky.
Gender:  BOY!  We are so excited!  We seriously thought it was a girl since we were told 80% yes based on the nub theory.  I already had everything figured out in my head as far as girl....even had the name narrowed down, so we are seriously surprised!  
Symptoms:  Feeling big which is sad because I have so much time left to go!
Happy or Moody:  Probably more moody – everything is annoying me since I am so tired.
Looking forward to:  Vacation!!!! 
Exercise:  I ran once in the morning through our new hood and it was awesome and then was able to do a run/ walk with Emerson one day.  Both were about 3 miles.  Our neighborhood is very hilly so I need to figure out some different routes because pregnancy and hills don’t work well together for me. 

Total weight gain: +12.  Vacation weight gain!  Whoop whoop! 
Maternity clothes:  Both.  I always wear maternity jeans, but the other types of pants I tend to stick to my regular.  Obviously maternity dresses and tops unless they are the big blouse kind that will fit any shape.
Stretch marks:  I see some on my sides….epic fail.
Sleep:  Amazing since we spent 4 days in Punta Cana so we were both able to rest up!
Miss Anything?  My luggage?  I checked a bag because I was too lazy to decide what would fit/ not fit for our trip.  Plus I forgot to buy travel sunscreen and face wash.  I NEVER check a bag just because it is a hassle.  Well, they lost this pregnant mama’s bag and it has been such a headache.  They told me to buy whatever I would need for 24 hours which would be cool if I wasn’t pregnant.  Our resort had like 3 clothing stores and only one of which is appropriate/ fit….(lots of short saucy dresses & string bikinis in the others).  This one store was super expensive and I am super cheap so I have such anxiety that US Airways won’t pay us back.  We will see.  The good news is that they found my suitcase, but lesson learned…never checking a bag again.
Movement:  More and more….love it!  I can start to see him move from the outside which is cool.
Food cravings:  My spinach salads and I ate my body weight in pineapple and brownies on our trip.  I drank lots of virgin mojitos too which were delicious.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I have felt dizzy a few times, but that has more to do with my low blood pressure I think.
Gender:  BOY!
Symptoms:  This is gross, but sometimes coughing up blood in the mornings.  I have an appointment today and will ask about it.  I also noticed more pulling/ cramping when I stand up.
Happy or Moody:  Both!  Super happy to be on vacation and spend the day we got back with Emerson, but losing your bag in a foreign country is a downer.
Looking forward to:  Setting up our house.  I can’t wait to start on the nursery and Emerson’s room. 
Exercise:  I ran twice.  Once on vacation and once in our neighborhood.  I need to be better.  


bump #2 - 20 weeks!

I can't believe I am halfway there!  This week has been crazy busy.  We are all moved in and LOVE our new house.  It feels enormous after living in an apartment for 4 months.  My parents were able to watch Emerson during the move and we got so much done.  We even went out on a date which we never do because it feels strange to hardly see her during the week to then get a babysitter for the weekend.  I am late taking this picture and am actually 20 weeks 5 days in it.  Notice my little girl wanting to be picked up.  She has been sick again and refusing to eat or drink.  She knows how to worry her parents and how to keep them from sleeping!!  I am so ready for Spring so she can feel better and stay better.

Total weight gain: +8.  Nice and steady. 
Maternity clothes:  I need to buy skinny maternity pants.  I really hate maternity pants (other than jeans) but I am a hot mess tugging and adjusting on this belly band all day at work.
Stretch marks:  Nada!
Sleep:  Emerson is still waking up early.  It is to the point now where are waking up naturally at 4:30.  We are going to bed really early to make up for it though…like 8:30 one night and 9 another. in with it. 
Miss Anything?  Too excited with the move to miss anything!
Movement:  Yes!  Not all the time yet, but more and more each day.
Food cravings:  Spinach salad with egg, avocado, and my honey mustard dressing.  I could eat that everyday.  Still being fat with my lemon pound cake!  I am trying to get back to eating my oatmeal for breakfast but I really just want salty foods in the morning.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Just overeating pound cake so my own fault.  Bleh.
Gender:  BOY!
Symptoms: Insomnia is back.  Such a cruel joke.
Happy or Moody:  Happy!  We moved!  So ready to start nesting!
Looking forward to:  Punta Cana right after Valentine’s Day.  I am the most excited about sitting on the beach reading while possibly taking a nap.  I seriously can’t wait. 
Exercise:  Elliptical and T25 two days although I am going to have to stop these soon.  I might have another month.  I just need them to get me through the rest of this winter.  Once I can run again I am golden.  


bump #2 - 19 weeks!

Another BAD selfie at the gym but this time taken in the bathroom.  Glamorous and terrible quality.  Don’t be fooled….I am not super fit or anything.  I only exercised a few times this past week, and am wearing a fitted top so you can see the bump.  

We had an awesome ultrasound recently which is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy…once they tell you the baby is healthy of course.  I actually became emotional during this visit (it is dark – no one saw) just because I give myself so much anxiety leading into visits like this.  I guess once you have a “bad” ultrasound (Emerson’s birth) you become a worrier.  Hell I think most pregnant women worry.  My appointment was great and one thing I have to start thinking about is the birth - a scheduled c-section or a VBAC.  I was all for the scheduled c-section to have a controlled experience (opposite of last time), but my doctor said I am a really good candidate (he did this without being pushy) for a VBAC since I didn't even get to try last time which is a valid point.  The biggest thing with a VBAC is you can’t receive meds to progress things, the baby has to be ready on its own which I would prefer anyways.  I am not ready to think about this yet!

Total weight gain: +7.5…no gain from last week
Maternity clothes:  Mix of both!
Stretch marks:  Nope, but I am religious about putting lotion on.
Sleep:  Awful.  Emerson had bronchitis and hasn't slept great in almost a week.  The getting up constantly is one thing, but she has been waking up for the day at 4.  That is just rough after a few days of it.  Plus she isn’t napping – she was on a steroid again that made her wild.  I am just ready to have my daughter back!  I also can’t wait to burn her nebulizer.  I might have a medical device bonfire and throw in my breast pump in with it.  Two pieces of equipment you totally need, but you hate at the same time.
Miss Anything?  Sleep?  Haha.  I actually rarely want wine anymore (I think it is like any type of food – once you give it up you don’t really crave it/ want it) but when we officially were back on with the house (it almost feel through again due to the appraisal) I wanted to celebrate with a cocktail.  First time I have really craved a drink.  
Movement:  Yep...a lot at night now that I am awake then.  It is a surreal feeling to be rocking your daughter and feeling your other baby move around inside of you!
Food cravings:  Uhhhh….not sure if I actually craved this or my inner fat girl allowed me to eat this, but pound cake.  I can’t keep stuff like that my house because I go crazy and have no self-control.  Even topped it off with strawberries and ice cream.  Delicious.  I plan on stopping by the Fresh Market and picking up a lemon flavored one today to reward myself for the lack of sleep.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I know there is a correlation between lack of sleep and nausea.  I felt it again this past week, but nothing like first trimester.
Gender:  We found out last week!  I am going to make a post on it, but I want to try to get a good picture of Emerson which will have to wait till she feels better.  We are planning to do one Sunday.
Symptoms:  Big.  It is getting harder to pick things off the ground while holding Emerson.  I am also starting to get cramps in my calves which I remember from last pregnancy.
Happy or Moody:  Happy!  The gender reveal was awesome and seeing our nugget on the ultrasound completely healthy and moving around is so amazing.  I can’t wait to meet this little person! 
Looking forward to:  Moving!  Ready to start working on Emerson’s big girl room. 
Exercise:  Tracy Anderson one day, T25 Gamma one day, and I did the elliptical one time while watching HGTV so I am not sure how much that counts.