New House!

I am so excited that we finally found a house!  Once we started this whole process of moving we really looked at schools and kid friendly neighborhoods.  Charlotte doesn’t have a lot of hoods with pools that are still close to Southpark where Matt works.  Having a neighborhood pool/ tennis is important just because I know my kids will make friends.  Plus I have talked to parents who drive to a pool and they have said that after you have two, you hardly make that drive.  It just becomes too much work when they are little.  This makes total sense so I am glad ours will be a 10 min walk or super short drive.  I can see Emerson riding a bike up there one day with her friends.  The other part we looked at was schools.  Charlotte schools are weird to me.  Most people I know from here went to private school which is opposite of Greenville.  That just isn't something Matt and I want to “have” to do.  We decided to pick an area where the public schools are top notch which limits Charlotte by a TON.  I know the ratings will change by the time Emerson reaches high school, but for now we are zoned for awesome schools.  Taking the public schools, neighborhood pool, proximity to Matt’s office, and finding a home with a yard really narrowed it down to really one neighborhood which we both love.  We have been stalking this neighborhood for about 10 months and finally found the perfect home.  Emerson approved it!

It will be a stretch for us, but this is our forever home hopefully.  We have the space for it to be anyways.  The best part is that it is on about an acre with mature trees (a little too many, we will have to cut some down) and is near a cul-de-sac.  Two people bought the home in 2007 as a foreclosure, flipped it and when the market crashed decided to rent it.  The biggest negative is that the house is on a septic and we spoke with the previous renters and they said it is broken.  So we finally worked it out with the sellers, but the septic converting to city sewer is something that we will have to take on as soon as we move in which is a long process just because we are working with the city.  Boring stuff, and not where you want to spend money, but it needs to be switched.  The only other big thing wrong with this house is that only 3 of the 5 bedrooms are on the main level (it is a ranch with a finished basement) but there is a space we will use as a playroom for now that could be converted into a 4th bedroom wayyyy in the future.  Other than that, we LOVE this house and cannot wait to move in!! 

These are pictures from the listing online.

This has been a very up and down process with the sellers so I will be devastated if it doesn't happen even though we have almost walked away.  They just aren't making the process easy.  For example, they agreed to certain repairs and then we got an email this morning saying that they weren't going to do two of them.  Just annoying stuff.  Closing day can't come soon enough!!

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