bump #2 - 18 weeks!

I feel like such a dork in this picture and am 18 weeks and 3 days in it.  My friend, Michael, took this picture of me at work.  Our building has a fake store in part of it so here I am, in our fake store. Better than a selfie though!  Thanks Michael!!

Total weight gain: +7.5…such a jump from last week!   I feel bigger and look bigger!  Crazy how much I am showing compared to last time.  
Maternity clothes:  Mostly maternity although I still don't really wear maternity pants (except for jeans...love my maternity jeans)
Stretch marks:  Still in the clear!
Sleep:  I am sleeping hard and I am not dreaming.  Emerson has been sleeping in, so we all have been sleeping great!
Miss Anything?  I know I am an ahole for saying this, but my old body.  I ran this week and I can really tell a difference.  It is hard to know that I am just going to get bigger (way bigger) and then will have to lose all the baby weight again.  I also miss my energy.  I never got it back, but at least I don't feel sick anymore which is a blessing!
Movement:  I have only felt the baby one other time so I am pretty anxious about my appointment.
Food cravings:  Everything?  I am eating so much lately.  Polished off Matt's plate twice this week. Fatttttt.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I feel great, but I still avoid coffee, bbq, and tomatoes most of the time.
Gender:  I am still leaning towards girl.  I will be shocked (in a good way because I want both) if it is a boy.
Symptoms:  Hungry and snoring…Matt has recorded me and even slept on the couch….whoops!
Happy or Moody:  Happy!  We have the gender reveal, moving, and a vacation all coming up soon!
Looking forward to:  The gender ultrasound!
Exercise:  I ran 2x (3 miles), Tracy Anderson 2x, and elliptical once.  I am having a harder time finding motivation though with this weather.  I really just want to sit in sweats and veg out.

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