First family of four vacation

My in-laws were out of the country and let us use their condo in Hilton Head a few weeks ago.  We were able to go down for about 5 days and had a blast.  Brooks was about 5 weeks when we went, so he couldn't go to the beach except early or late in the day and only for about an hour.  If it felt too warm (everyday had a strong breeze - we even broke an umbrella) so I felt okay taking him down.  I wasn't able to get in the water since I didn't have my postpartum appointment yet, so Matt completely took over playing with Emerson.  She was in her element on the beach!  She loved it and played contently by herself!  It reminds me how quickly time flies because it feels like yesterday she was eating sand.

We learned the hard way that eating out for dinner was a bad idea.  Our one experience ended with Em refusing her meal, Brooks screaming, Matt inhaling his food, my order was wrong so I ate it in the car.  Just not worth it especially after you wait for a table.  Making a toddler wait for anything is a chore.  So we decided to either go out for breakfast, pick up food, or even cook.  We brought down a frozen meal and that was clutch.  

I was worried that it wouldn't feel relaxing because we were just taking our chaos somewhere else since Brooks was still cluster feeding and not on a schedule yet, but it was the opposite.  There was no house to clean, or tasks that needed to get done that made sitting down very relaxing. 

I have to say that the solly baby wrap came in really handy.  It was how I carried Brooks to the beach and is really thin and breathable - opposite of his ergo carrier which I love for quick errands indoors.  The other piece of gear that is a must in the baby tent since Brooks can't wear sunscreen yet, and a wagon.  The sand was too hot for Emerson to walk on (we tried and she wasn't having it so Matt had to make two trips up and had offers from strangers trying to help him since he had to carry her and everything else) so the wagon was clutch.  We also brought Brooks' rock n' play down to the beach so we could put him down somewhere in the tent.

Lots of pictures!  Love my little family!!


Brooks - 2 months!

And just like that he is 2 months.  I can't believe it.  We are in a routine now which has made things easier.  If I am being honest, having two has been hard.  Not because of the kids, Brooks is pretty much a predictable baby and Emerson is the sweetest little girl, but because of the sleep.  I really wish I was one of those people who functions normally with little sleep, but I am not.  I think having us on a routine has made things easier for sure though.  I went to a yoga class and the teacher really put things in perspective for me.  I am bad about rushing through this phase and saying things like I can't wait until he sleeps through the night or I can't wait until she is in school, but the teacher reminded me to present for right now and to be grateful for where we are instead of wishing for the future.  This is so true for me!  Although if Brooks wanted to sleep through the night that would be really cool too...just sayin.

Size:  He is in size 2 diapers and wearing 3-6 month clothing.  He is such a big boy compared to my little Emerson at this age!  He was 12 lbs and 4 oz at his 2 month appointment.

Sleep:  We are all over the place.  He did sleep through the night once the night after Emerson's party, but typically we have been every 4 hours at night.  Brooks and I have been living in our basement where our guest rooms are but we will be moving back upstairs soon.  I want him to get used to the crib before he gets too big.  During the day he is pretty good about his naps although he is more of a cat nap person because he has to be with us running errands or what have you.  I want to try to get his naps on more a schedule and have them in the crib as well.  Right now he usually only takes one of his naps in the crib.

Eating:  7 times a day at least.  We are still breastfeeding all day with Matt giving him a formula bottle at night.  I pump in the mornings and give him a bottle then because I like to make sure he is getting a full meal first thing.

Likes:  Being held, walking in his dad's arms (he is a screamer during Matt's shift), the car, eating, baths, and us!  He has started smiling and making noises back to all of us so it has been super cute and wonderful!

Dislikes:  Not being held when he is trying to doze off and taking too long to feed him.

Radom:  He went to the beach for the first time at 5 weeks old!  We also took him to the doctor for a bump on his head that was completely normal.  He is on a probiotic for his tummy that seems to help and still takes gas drops and gripe water as needed.  The best thing that has happened is him smiling back at me for the first time.  That is always a moment that you never forget as a mama.

Me:  We joined the Y which has been amazing other than the fact Brooks caught a cold and we missed a week.  He is all better now and I plan on going 3-4 a week to take classes.  Emerson actually loves the child watch (I spy on her before I pick her up) and Brooks now has his shots so I don't feel as guilty going.  They will watch your kids while you workout for up to 2 hours.  Awesome I tell you.    If anything it is good to get us all out of the house for an hour.  As far as weight, I have lost a few more pounds but this really fluctuates.  I am around 3-5 pounds above pre pregnancy weight, but my figure is still not the same.  This doesn't bother me since I know I am about to start really working out and I while I am nursing my body still wants to hold on to a few.  At least this was the case with Emerson.  I have been changing my diet and really eating only healthy foods.  I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, but those days are over.  I avoid packaged anything as much as possible, but life happens and sometimes you secretly eat granola bars in the car (if Em sees me she alwaysssss wants some) or both kids will be crying at the same time and you end up stress eating chocolate.  It happens.  My goal is to be as back to my old self by his 6 month update.  We will see.

my first real run with these two!


Brooks - 1 month!

Our little man is already a month old!  I can't believe how quickly time flies.  He fits in perfectly with our family and it is hard to imagine life before him (although, I do remember what sleep was like before him)!  He looks just like Emerson and I think am okay with my kids looking like mini Matts instead of me.  Maybe Brooks will get my skin color??  Things are so much easier this time around as far as the baby goes.  We know what we are doing and he is easy compared to taking care of a tot.  With that said, he is more clingy (read: screams A LOT) than Emerson.  The only time I mind it is when Emerson is also crying.  I am still trying to figure out a balance here and I still get nervous taking them both out although we are doing it regularly.  Our first outing was to Nordstroms (aka my favorite store) to get Emerson some shoes so we were in and out.  I have slowly built on this but I have to be quick since he eats all the time.  We have been in multiple stores where he starts screaming, thus Emerson starts in as well.  It is hard, but I just remind myself that this is a phase and will get easier.

Get ready for 678 pictures......


Emerson is so sweet to her brother.  It actually melts my heart.  She gives him kisses all the time and looks for him if I have him hiding in a room napping quietly.  I can't leave him in a room alone with her, but that is really because I think she will try to pick him up instead of harming him on purpose.

Size: He is out of newborn clothes and wearing size 1 diapers.  At his one month appointment he weighed 9 pounds and 13 oz and 21 inches long.
Sleep:  He likes to be held while he sleeps.  This is not something we do unless we have to.  I do not want this to be a habit, but it is also hard having your baby scream.  He wakes up every 3 hours.  We have had some stretches of 4 but that is rare and nothing I can count on.  Brooks and I moved to the basement where the guest room is.  This is to keep him from waking up Emerson and to allow Matt to get some sleep.  There is no point in us both being exhausted.  I feel like this got better around 6-8 weeks with Emerson so I am just going to hold out for that.
Eating:  This is going well for us.  He is a big eater but I think the cluster feeding days are behind us.  I have given up dairy and that really did make a difference in his stomach pains.  This was the same for Emerson.  Matt feeds him a bottle around 9 so I can get some sleep (my stretch is around 8:30-12), but this is typically the only time he gets a bottle.  I did buy some formula because I want a longer stretch here and everyone says formula helps them sleep longer.  Worth a shot.
Likes:  being held, the car, our walks, eating, sometimes the swing, bath
Dislikes: not being held, diaper changes
Me:  I am having a much easier time postpartum this go around.  I gained 24 pounds (21 according to my doctor's scale but you don't go in for your first appointment until you are like 7 or 8 weeks) and lost 16 within the first two weeks.  I came home from the hospital actually only 7 pounds less which was perplexing since he was over 7 pounds but I did have an IV so I assume that is why.  I think I only lost 10 pounds the first week but there were a few days where I was losing like 2 pounds a day which was awesome.  Then it stopped.  The rest of this weight I will have to work off which is fine.  At one month I am down 19 pounds and was able to squeeze into my jeans (with extreme muffin top) around week two.  I think this is because I worked out the whole pregnancy.  I was doing my T25 days before he was born and was able to do my T25 video around 1.5 weeks postpartum.  I started doing slow frequent walks with the kids around two weeks and ran my first extremely slow mile around 4 weeks.  I cannot wait to be cleared and go at my workouts full force, plus we will join the Y and they have childcare...holla.  My stomach needs the most focus, but since I have a gap in my abs I can't start on them yet.  Plus, that area takes time and diet more than anything and I am not ready to give up my sweets just yet.