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Hello Everyone!  A lot has happened since my last post.  Blog fail.  First, my sweet little nugget isn't a nuggest anymore.  She is offfically a toddler and turned 1 at the end of July!  Hard to believe she is such a big girl.  I will blog about her party - but I need to unpack her photos first.  She is walking and starting to talk and her personality has come out.  She LOVES Elmo, bath (even says, "bath, bath, bath" whilewalking to her tub) putting on/ off shoes and socks, and throwing the ball to Stella.  The talking is my favorite thing because it catches me by surprise when she learns a new word.  Like the other weekend we asked her if she wanted to eat and she zombie walked to her high chair saying, "eat! eat! eat!".  We were both like since when does she understand that word?  It is really amazing.

The other big thing that happened is that we sold our house. Our old home had 3 bedrooms and we knew it wasn’t our forever home, so we decided to just list it and see what happened. Well it sold in less than two weeks which is great and stressful all at the same time. We closed on it this fall and couldn’t find anything we liked in our price range – plus we are being picky about schools this time – so we are currently in a short term rental. That has been an adjustment for sure….especially for our dog, Stella. We moved half our stuff into a storage rental which the movers stuffed to the ceiling. Storage units are so hard to gage how much space you need and the guy assured me it would be enough, but it was a CLOSE call from what Matt said. I had to leave- it was giving my major anxiety seeing your stuff being crammed into a space like that.
We have been enjoying our chore free weekends. We have had a few 1 year old birthday parties (precious!), picked out pumpkins, and have been eating Saturday family lunch outside at restaurants – just fun, relaxing weekends. It has been nice!

Love my little duck!

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  1. I was literally about to type "love your little duck"...haha! Sooooo cute!