emerson kate - 10 months!

Wow 10 months old.  It has been really sinking into me how my baby isn't really a baby anymore.  It does make me sad how quickly time is flying by, but seeing her thrive and grow has been really exciting.  Picking her up from school is the best time of my day - she always freaks out and it really melts me heart.  She has such a wonderful little personality and is always happy.  I really feel like she is going to be a lot like Matt who is super laid back, gets along with everybody, and is up for anything.  He whistles in his morning shower so he is a geniunly happy person.  She does have some personality traits like her Mama though - she is a monster when she is hungry, needs her sleep to function, and can make one heck of a stank (judge) face.  This past month she learned how to crawl (May 19th when I get around to working on her baby book).  That has been an adventure for sure!  She moves so fast and makes you keep your house extra clean since she wants to stick EVERYTHING in her mouth.  We tried to baby proof a little but felt like it is impossible to do that for your whole home so we bought a play yard.  She loves it - we love it - so it is a win win. 

Size: My guess is 19 lbs??  No idea - 1 year appointment will be my next update.

Clothes/ Diapers: She wears anything from 6 months to 18 months...it really just depends on the brand.  Still size 3 diapers.

Eating: Her feeding schedule is still the same as last month.  She loves the formula and still eats baby food.  We have tried to introduce solids but at the end of the day when is tierd from school, she has no interest in trying new foods.  She wants her baby food and she wants it right now.  We give her cherrios, puffs, or yogurt bites as an appitizer because she gets fussy as soon as she gets in her highchair.  The weekends is different so we try new things when we aren't out of town, but I don't feel comfortable letting her try it at school (they provide food) until I am positive she eats it and likes it.

Sleeping: Still sleeping 12 hours like a champ!  Naps at school still suck but I have no way of fixing that. 

Likes:  Stella, Daddy, Mama, anything that has music because she LOVES to dance, crawl and explore, loves baths, and always goes straight for Stella's toys/ bones instead of her own.

Dislikes:  The five seconds between putting her in her highchair and placing food in front of her and boogie wipes/ baby wipes on her face.

Random: We have teeth coming in!  She (so far) hasn't lost any sleep over them.  I do love her little gummy smile, but it looks super cute seeing the bottom 2 teeth appearing.

Me: I finished pumping over our Memorial Day vacation and it has been glorious.  I do not feel guilty and know that it was the best decision for me.  I was hoping that my body was holding onto some extra weight because I was pumping (happens to some peeps), but my weight stayed the same.  One can dream!

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