emerson kate - 9 months

My little girl is already 9 months old!  She is such a joy and her little personality is really coming out.  I feel like every month with her just gets better and better and becomes my favorite age.  I am so lucky to be her Mama!  This past month we had our first Easter and we moved up classes at school.  Moving up classes was a bit of an adjustment because E got sick which I knew would happen being around new babies.  Emerson had a bad cough and after a week or so of it I took her in to her Doctor.  She had so much eye snot that she couldn’t open her eyes in the morning.  Poor baby!  Anyways, they gave her amoxicillin and on day 9 (you take it for 10 days) we were back at the Doctor’s office (we also had a well visit in those 9 days so I guess we are regulars??) because she had a bad rash and they decided she is allergic to amoxicillin.  She was MISERABLE with her rash.  It stayed around for almost a week but the first few days of it she cried because she itched so bad.  It was the saddest thing ever.  During all this I got reallllly sick.  I missed 3 days of work (I haven't missed more 1 a day in 5 years) for me and 1 ½ days for her.  We either visited the Doctor or were calling the Nurses between the two of us daily.  Looking back, I think I had the flu…or something similar.  I haven’t been that sick ever in my adult life.  I didn’t eat a real meal for 5 days and dropped 6 pounds which I gained back in no time!  Finding medication to take was challenging since I was still pumping, but after crawling to pump one night and getting nothing (and crying because who wants to pump when they are sick? NO ONE!) I have made the official decision to quit.  I have been cutting back for a few weeks anyways, but was feeling very very guilty for it.  So this was my sign that I needed to move on and break up with my pump.  After I decided this I called my Doctor and requested the “real medicine” for this lingering illness and was better in days.

Size:  She is 18 lbs 2.4 oz at her 9 month appointment. Her length is 27.4" and her head is 44 cm. She is in the 50th percentile for everything.  Perfectly proportioned!

Clothes/ Diapers:  She is in mostly 12 month clothing because of size and season.  She has a few 6-12 month summer outfits, but not many.  We packed up all her winter clothes which was really sad.  Matt is floored the amount of clothes she has.  Some winter stuff she didn’t even get to wear because her head grew too fast or her feet grew too slow.  Sad!

Eating:  Emerson had her first bottle of formula on Easter because Mama didn’t pack enough milk!  We are still doing the bottles like last month so 5 a day and typically 2 are bmilk and 3 are formula.  I read so much online about formula brands and finally just asked her Doctor who told me to get Similac.  I asked about it being organic since the kind I bought for E was organic and she told me that she would rather me buy the organic Similac and not Earthsbest.  She gave me some samples which are for supplementation (they aren’t organic) and Emerson loves them.  Once we are done with the bmilk I will buy the organic kind without Matt around.  He doesn’t get my obsession with being oraganic/ nautral! Formula is hard….even the organic kind you can’t understand the ingredients.  We have started to introduce solids and dinner…she isn’t a fan yet.  E still LOVES mangos and pears and I still sneak peas in them.  She will sometimes eat peas or green beans by themselves, but not often and certainly not at dinner when she is sleepy.  We still make most of her food, but buy some for traveling or the occasional lazy night when opening the freezer to take out 4 cubes and putting them in a Tupperware seems like tooooo much for me to handle.  Haha.

Sleeping:  She sleeps at least 12 hours at night.  She goes down around 6 – 6:15 and sleeps till 6:30.  Her naps at school are still a problem, but after talking to Moms at other schools they say they have a similar situation so I don’t know how to fix it.  She loves sleeping on her tummy now.  We love watching her on the monitor because she is a tornado in her sleep.  She gets these - what we call nightmares – where she just cries in her sleep (she has had them since her stay in the hospital) but she searches for her paci so we have started to liter her crib with pacis.  I hate getting up in the middle of night to reach under her crib to find her paci sooo I put like 3 extra ones in there…just in case.

Likes:  Loves Daddy, Stella (we think she loves Stella more than anyone or anything), Mommy, baths, the rubber letters she plays with during bath time, her Einstein saucer, plastic keys, and this plastic tea set.

Dislikes:  Medicine, trying new food, baby/ boogie wipes on her face, and not napping in her crib.

Random:  Emerson is so close to crawling!  We aren’t pushing it though because it really is a luxury to sit her down and know I can take my eyes of her if I need to.  Although this morning when I took my eyes off of her she rolled herself up into a burrito with her blanket and was putting Stella’s nasty toy in her mouth.  Mom fail.  OH and the week before Easter she started saying DaDa in her babbling, BUT we aren’t counting it as her first word because it isn’t like she looked at Matt and said it.  She is babbling for now.

Me:  I have been running 5-6x a week.  I LOVE working out this time of year.  And I am very excited to stop pumping and fit into my old tops!!!  As much as I didn’t want to believe the whole 9 months up 9 months down saying, it really has been true for me.  I feel like my old self almost completely.  My CS scar no longer pulls when I run and my shape is back to what I used to look like before baby…or as close as it can be.  I know it will never be the same, but close enough for me!

Not a fan of the car ride to HHI

1st day in her new class!

her playing during her 1st day in her new class!

she always kisses with her mouth open??

At a family event

Matt's Grandmother!

E playing on a quilt Nana made for her!

day 1 of the rash

day 1 - she looks huge in this pic

another day 1 pic

day 2 of her rash - poor nugget!