emerson kate - 7 & 8 months

7 months exactly in this picture!

Confession - I didn't type up a 7th month post.  I wish I could say time got away from me.  Well I guess it did...I spent that month watching the TV series Scandal.  No joke, every time after E went to bed I TV binged.  Don't worry...when she was awake we played and played and played, but once nugget went down I planted myself in front of the TV.  I even paid for some of the episodes!  So here I am, and Emerson is already 8 months old.  Slow down time!!

Size:  She is around 18 lbs.  That is just a guess. Her next well visit is at 9 months.

Clothes/ Diapers:  Still in size 3 diapers.  She wears 6-12 month clothes.  I am sooo excited about her spring/ summer wardrobe I can hardly stand it!  I mean is there anything cuter than baby bathing suits??

Eating:  This has been so much fun and also hard to figure out.  It is a guessing game knowing how much food to give her/ how to decrease her bottles.  I really want to drop a bottle, but we aren't there yet.  I tried to and her teacher told me no way.  Haha.  It would be different if I wasn't packing her meals for school.  I am having to plan ahead and don't know for sure if she has had enough/ needs more.  For the past month her schedule has been:

6:30 - 5 oz (no idea why she doesn't take more here...Matt tries every morning)
8:30 - second breakfast of 3 cubes of fruit with oatmeal
9:30 - 4 oz bottle (used to be 7 but this is what I am trying to drop and let her have just a mid-morning bottle)
11:30 - lunch of 3 cubes of veggies
12:00 - 7 oz bottle
3:00 - 7 oz bottle
5:30 - 3 cubes of fruit or veggies (depending on mood - fruit is the easier option) with oatmeal
6:15 - 5-6 oz bottle

We make almost all her food which has been super easy.  Well except for green beans.  She chocked on those.  Mom fail.  We also have introduced her to puffs and a sippy cup that has water.  She has gotten the hang with the puff - sippy cup needs some more work.  Fruits are still her favorite - pears and mangos.  She stopped liking peas and so I am having to mix them in with pears to trick her.  I don't blame her - I hate peas too.

Sleeping:  E is fighting her morning nap.  I really think it is her class.  She takes long naps on the weekends so I really think it is the noise in her classroom.  It breaks my heart when I see her report card and she only napped for 45 min for the whole day!  That is NOT enough.  It causes me to race home to feed her before she gets super fussy which has been a challenge.  She has gone to bed at 5:15 before and we don't get home till 5 which is early for work standards.  It really sucks because then I don't get to play with her.  She sleeps 12 - 13 hours at night and has started to flip/ roll around and wakes herself by hitting her head on the actual edge of the crib.  She is in a different location everytime we look at the monitor.

Likes:  Everything!  Seriously, she is super easy.  Her favorite toy is this set of plastic keys that Nana gave her.  Sohpie has been in timeout because Emerson pushed pracitically the whole freaking toy down her throat and managed to projectile vomit everywhere.  Really loving bath time (we upgraded to a new baby tub), us and Stella.  Oh and the ceiling fans...they are BFFs.

Dislikes:  Peas and being out of her routine.  I do drop off and pick up since her school is down the street from my office and Matt needed to pick her up one day because I had a later meeting (see above about her sleeping and that she is a ticking bomb so we race to get her home).  Anyways, she cried when Matt got her...he was so heartbroken because she LOVES her Daddy.  Always gets super excited when he is around - just was confused with it being different.  She also didn't like the snow.  We had a few snow days and she was not amused in any of our pictures.

Random:  My little sister, Sam, got married in St. Lucia.  Sadly, we couldn't go but were able to attend her reception in Columbia.  We obviously brought Emerson because previously she has been able to sleep anywhere at anytime.  Not this night.  She cried pretty much the whole time.  We took turns walking her around, Nana and Aunts included, but there was no calming her.  We had to leave earlier than I would have liked, but glad we were all able to attend.

The bride and me!


Me:  Well I somehow managed to put on a few lbs.  Totally fine by me because I can still fit in my clothes and that is really all I care about.  I am loving this weather and am able to run more outside.  I got a heart rate monitor and new tennis shoes for my birthday so I am ready to go!  I have been able to workout 4-5 times a week by either running or doing T25 Gamma...my problem is food....always has been, always will be.  I can't figure out my calories in/ out with pumping.  I have given up trying to figure that out.  I am still pumping but plan on being done by 9-10 months and then will start to eat smoothies as meal replacements.  That, combined with working out, is the quickest way for me to lose weight.  I have heard that people tend to put on weight when they quit pumping.  I guess I will figure that out if it happens.

Get ready for picture overload!  Can't help myself!!

Loves carrots!!


Lauren and E!

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Emerson's first cousin!!

my favorite picture


  1. she is the cutest, happiest baby girl on the planet, but my girl was NOT here for the snow! i cracked up at her 'tude in all those photos. love, love, love! give her big kisses for me! and stella continues to be a trip - she seriously smiles for the camera. sweet family!

  2. Awww...thanks Alex! She has SO much personality! She misses you!