emerson kate - 5 months

We had such a wonderful Christmas with Emerson…well except when she LOST HER MIND right as Christmas Eve mass was starting…but if that is the only “bad” thing that happened I consider us beyond lucky.  She is such a joy and so easy.  I love watching her grow but it also makes me sad to pack away her tiny clothes that are too small.  I actually cried in the shower when she turned 6 months....I need the time to slowwwww down.  She starting rolling for us mid-December but has stopped.  I think she is figuring out if she cries when she is on her tummy we will rescue her…so hard for me to watch her upset. 

Size:  My guess is 15 lbs...she is getting chubby and I love it!

Clothing/ Diapers:  Size 3 diapers and mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothing.

Eating:  She eats 6.5 oz at 6am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, & 6-7pm

Sleeping:  Our little lady is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! So amazing. It just happened one night. We were doing a dream feed (give her a bottle and put an overnight diaper on in the dark) till 5 ½ months. We now put her down around 7 and she sleeps till 5:30-6!  This was a game changer.

Likes:  Chunks like to eat, get her diaper changed (she loves her changing pad…will do a little dance for us on it), Sophie the giraffe as well as other toys, Mommy & Daddy, her jumper, her car seat, talking to herself, her hands her shirt if she can stick it in her mouth, and bathtime.

Dislikes: Tummy time (I don’t think she will ever like it) & not getting her bottle fast enough, (we don’t have that many large bottles so we will refill a smaller one in the middle of a feeding - pisses her off)

Random:  She reaches for us and almost hugs us when we hold her.  It is wonderful!  So lucky to be her Mommy!

Christmas Eve
Christmas morning!  She is wearing adorable PJs that my bestie made!

Christmas Morning!

Giving me the bird...I guess she was over pictures

Christmas card 2013!


  1. Ooo I like that naked-time pic! Gotta let her air out!!

  2. lil nugget melts my heart! i love those christmas jammies, and the picture of her yawning is perfection.