emerson kate - 5 months

We had such a wonderful Christmas with Emerson…well except when she LOST HER MIND right as Christmas Eve mass was starting…but if that is the only “bad” thing that happened I consider us beyond lucky.  She is such a joy and so easy.  I love watching her grow but it also makes me sad to pack away her tiny clothes that are too small.  I actually cried in the shower when she turned 6 months....I need the time to slowwwww down.  She starting rolling for us mid-December but has stopped.  I think she is figuring out if she cries when she is on her tummy we will rescue her…so hard for me to watch her upset. 

Size:  My guess is 15 lbs...she is getting chubby and I love it!

Clothing/ Diapers:  Size 3 diapers and mostly 3-6 month and 6 month clothing.

Eating:  She eats 6.5 oz at 6am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, & 6-7pm

Sleeping:  Our little lady is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! So amazing. It just happened one night. We were doing a dream feed (give her a bottle and put an overnight diaper on in the dark) till 5 ½ months. We now put her down around 7 and she sleeps till 5:30-6!  This was a game changer.

Likes:  Chunks like to eat, get her diaper changed (she loves her changing pad…will do a little dance for us on it), Sophie the giraffe as well as other toys, Mommy & Daddy, her jumper, her car seat, talking to herself, her hands her shirt if she can stick it in her mouth, and bathtime.

Dislikes: Tummy time (I don’t think she will ever like it) & not getting her bottle fast enough, (we don’t have that many large bottles so we will refill a smaller one in the middle of a feeding - pisses her off)

Random:  She reaches for us and almost hugs us when we hold her.  It is wonderful!  So lucky to be her Mommy!

Christmas Eve
Christmas morning!  She is wearing adorable PJs that my bestie made!

Christmas Morning!

Giving me the bird...I guess she was over pictures

Christmas card 2013!


emerson kate - 4 months

This is way overdue....
Where has the time gone!?  My little girl is already six months old…I can’t believe it.  I have been enjoying every single day with her.  Being a Mom is seriously the best thing that has ever happened.  She is such a good baby and so sweet and usually predictable.  I love that I can tell when my little peanut is hungry, tired or just wants to be held.  Life has been really busy and being a working Mom has been quite the adjustment – but I am finally feeling rested (thank God!) and feeling like I have a routine.  I haven’t blogged…I wanted to…it has been hard to find the time.  I am going to REALLY try to be better about it because I know I will love looking back and reading all my posts on her.

Emerson at 4 months

Four months was a roller-coaster of emotion.  Emerson got really sick and actually spent 3 days in the hospital over Thanksgiving.  She started having a cough so we took her in (Matt’s such a good Dad that he comes to most appointments mainly because I freak out with worry) and her Pediatrician was on vacation which sucked.  We had a new Doctor who felt very unsure of her condition.  She diagnosed her with bronchiolitis and prescribed her with a $172.00 of drugs for her nebulizer.  Emerson LOATHED the nebulizer…I can’t blame her…but we did it twice a day for the next few days.  We had her sleep in her Rock N’ Play thinking that it would be better for her to sleep at an angle.  Two nights later (Matt’s shift – we trade) I heard Matt having a really hard time with her (she was rage crying) so we took her temperature and it wasn’t a fever yet.  (We had taken it every day since her visit since they said to come back if she got a fever or worse).  This was like at 3am…oh and Emerson decided to take a crap right as we were taking her temperature….hilarious and awful at the same time.  We cleaned her up, gave her a nebulizer treatment, and went back to bed for about an hour.  She refused her bottle at that time and when she woke up at 6 she refused it again.  Something was wrong.  When we got up we both decided she needed to either go to the doctor or the hospital.  She was so weak and her breathing wasn’t right…she was making a sound like she was trying to clear her throat but couldn’t.  So after texting my friend, who is a former nurse, at crazy early hours, we decided to take her to the closest ER.  The ER Doctor was amazing.  She assured us that bringing her in was the right thing to do because the oxygen in her blood was low.  It was taking more effort to breath so she was having to decide to breath or eat which is why she wasn’t eating.  She also had a fever. They transferred us to the main hospital which meant an ambulance ride but first they wanted to go ahead and get an IV in.  WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!  It took 3 tries, four adults holding her down, a blown vain to finally get an IV in.  To watch her helplessly scream cry because of pain was torture.  Once we arrived at the CMC Main everyone was great. They decided to test her for RSV which came back positive so everyone had to wear gowns and masks in her room.  We were there for 3 nights because they can’t give medication since it is viral….her oxygen in her blood had to work back up to a certain level and she had to be eating again to go home.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.  We had lots of visitors and even had Thanksgiving muffins (beer for Matt) and Thanksgiving dinner (bourbon for Matt) brought to us.  Once we got back home she was up all the time because she was eating smaller meals and was eating more frequently.  It was like having a newborn again.  I will say it was a Thanksgiving that I will never forget and one that really made me thankful for my little family.

love her sweet little profile

first kiss!

Size:  She weighed 13 lbs & 6 oz at her 4 month appointment.  Her 4 month appointment was weird.  Her Dr. said that her ears aren’t aligned.  She sleeps on her back and turns her head to one side so it is pushing her left ear towards the front.  He referred us to an Occupational Therapist who was an idiot.  She admitted that she didn’t know her left from her right so we won’t be going back.

Clothes/ Diapers:  Size 2 diapers and wears mostly 3-6 month clothing.  I still cannot find shoes to fit her tiny feet.

Eating:  She eats 6-7 bottles a day with 5 oz of breast milk.

Sleeping:  She would sleep about 6 hours at a time.  Sometimes a little more.  She would still wake up at 3 for her bottle.

Likes:  LOVES to eat and loves to get her diaper changed.  She still loves her activity mat, swing, baths, talking, and paci.

Dislikes:  Tummy time, when you clean out her nose, saline drops, not giving her bottle to her fast enough.

Random:  We will do anything for a giggle.  We dance, make crazy faces, dance some more…..we LOVE it when she giggles.
at the doctor office

ambulance ride

Happy Thanksgiving!