emerson kate - 2 months! (way overdue!)

I am loving my maternity leave.  Watching my little girl grow before my very eyes has been amazing.  I love to watch her look around - taking in all the sights and sounds.  She is one alert little baby and I couldn't be happier!

Size:  She weighs 9 pounds 12 ounces and is 22" long at her 8 week appointment.  

Clothes/ Diapers:  She is almost completely out of newborn clothing and diapers.  I never thought I would have a baby in newborn clothes this long.  She has some cute summer outfits that just ended up being too big for her so I didn't get to use them which sucks.  I have been starting to get her some play clothes for school but I need to get so much more because I don't see me doing her laundry 2-3x a week once I am back at work.  Maybe I will surprise myself though!

Eating:  She eats about 7 bottles a day now around 3.25 ounces.  She is on medication for acid reflux and eating has been so much more enjoyable for her.  I am still pumping 7x a day with enough to freeze 12-16 ounces.  I can't believe women do this for a year!  Maybe it is easier the older she gets or when you are working.  I am very happy that I am able to giver her breast milk - but I will be glad to throw my pump off a cliff when it is all said and done!!  Sticking your boobs in a vacuum and being tied to a clock blows!   

Sleeping:  She wakes up around 2:20-3am every morning and goes back down till 7-7:30.  This has been a major improvement!  One night she didn't get up till 4am so she had a 6 hour stretch.  I realllllllly want baby girl to sleep through the night before I go back to work next month so fingers crossed!  I have even started the babywise method on her and it seems to work.  We don't let her "cry it out" yet (her Doctor said that it is time to start), but we do let her fuss a bit in her bed (still sleeping in the rock n' play).  We are moving her to the crib when she is 9 weeks.  It she is really fussy, I will just soothe her for a few and she falls right to sleep.  Most of the time she just has gas.  Her gas is so loud it even woke me up one night over the baby monitor!

Likes:  Laying on Matt or me and being held.  She still loves her swing!  And she loves being swaddled!

Dislikes:  Baths, hiccups, and clothes that go over her head.

Random:  I had my first night away from Emerson!  It was really hard.  I thought about her and Matt the whole time.  I went to Myrtle Beach for my little sister's bachelorette weekend.  Matt is so good with her so I didn't have to worry - just felt like a part of me was missing.  Emerson also spent an hour in the YMCA childcare this week so I could take a morning hot yoga class and it was WONDERFUL!  She slept the whole time.
Me:  The scale hasn't budged since week 2, but I finally fit into my fat jeans!  I have a major muffin top but am happy to not have an elastic waistband.  I feel like I am having some water retention issues because some days my rings fit and some days they don't.  Due to breastfeeding I can't diet so I am trying to eat better which is hard for me because I have always eaten whatever and just exercised.  I have always eaten somewhat healthy (as in I eat veggies and fruits but ALWAYS save room for dessert) and usually just eat smoothies when my clothes get snug but can't do that.  Or that is what I have read....that it will kill my supply before the 3 month mark.  Boooo.  I am running and doing hot yoga so I feel good and that is all that matters.



  1. this just put the biggest grin on my face!! love that little munchkin!!

  2. She is too adorable! And she and Stella are going to be best buds :) I didn't realize you were still keeping up with your blog, and I've been reading back over your posts... Enjoy that baby, they don't stay that tiny long enough!!

    1. Thanks Blair!! I can't wait for them to be friends - Stella is a little jealous of her now. :( Dogs are such divas!!