emerson's hospital photos

I am the sucker who bought the pictures the hospital took.  I can't help myself...I love ANYTHING that involves my main squeeze!  Hard to believe this was 2 months ago.  Time needs to sllllooooowww down!


Emerson - One Month!

Emerson is actually 7 weeks now...I typed this up weeks ago but had to tend to my little lady before I had a chance to add photos!

Emerson is the best baby ever.  She is adorable and happy and really has changed me for the better.  It is amazing to see this little person and know that you created her.  We are so lucky to have an easy baby.  I do wish baby girl slept more but I know that will happen with time.

Size:  Big Hoss is 8 pounds and 7 ounces at her one month check up which happened at 5 weeks.  She is 20 1/2 inches long and is in 25% for everything.  Our little peanut.

Clothes/ Diapers:  She is still rockin Pampers NB and still in newborn attire.  I have put her in a few 0-3 because I am dying to try on her clothes.  She swims in them but I don't care. 

Eating:  My oh my has this been a learning experience.  Breastfeeding was great for us in the beginning except for the fact she immediately feel asleep when she started to eat.  I tried all the tricks (changing her diaper, tickling her feet) but it never worked for long.  I remember the lactation lady (who by the way are a little annoying - overly enthusiastic about boobs) at the hospital explaining this to me telling me it would happen because she was preterm.  Something about babies that are born before 38 weeks don't develop something in their mouths to help with eating.  I tuned her out because it was information overload at the hospital.  Since she was an early baby we have had lots of Doctor visits.  The second one is when her weight wasn't increasing that much so I decided to pump and bottle feed so I could see how many ounces she was getting.  This means so much more work, but it has been paying off.  She currently eats every 2.5 - 3 ounces and eats every 3 hours.  I am able to freeze 12 - 16 ounces everyday which is I think is good.  (Still learning!)  Her Doctor thinks she has reflux so I have been told to cut out dairy, turkey, legumes, spicy food, and (this is the real kicker) green leafy veggies.  That is crazy but I have noticed a difference after I eat spinach with her.  I have to call him next week to see if that is working because sometimes she acts like she is in pain when she eats and arches her back when I burp her...not to mention the projectile vomit.

Sleeping:  She wakes up every 3 hours still.  I moved her into her nursery this week so I can get some better sleep because she makes so many noises.  So many grunts!  Matt has been in the guest room for weeks now.  She sleeps mostly in her rock n' play but I have started having her take naps in her crib or cradle.

Likes:  Swing!  She loves the swing.  She also LOVES to be held and lay on her tummy on either Matt or me.  Matt does it every night before she goes to bed.  Eating - Big Hoss flips her shit if you take too long to give her the bottle!

Dislikes:  Baths, diaper changes, and clothes that go over her head.

Random:  We had our first (hopefully only) visit to the ER.  Thankfully she is fine but it did give us a scare.  She has an umbilical hernia and we thought she had bruising around her belly and anyways ended up at the only to find out that her skin just has marbling which is normal in infants.  We had an x-ray to be sure...oh and the "we" here isn't Matt.  Oh no, the "we" is myself and Nonnie.  Matt was at a bachelor party and then went to a work golf trip.  I learned that with next baby he can't go out of town that early.  It was too much on me.

Stella:  She has been so good with Emerson.  She just licks and smells her.  I do think she is a little jealous and is probably thinking she isn't her for long haul.  She has also been sleeping in the guest room.  Diva needs her rest!

Me Post-Partum:  I am feeling MUCH better.  Recovering from a c-section is no joke.  I was surprised how painful it was in the beginning and was ordered to not walk or run or anything till 6 weeks.  Same with lifting - I can't lift anything heavier than Emerson.   Both of these have been hard.  I am big on fitness - more for the mental aspect than physical - so not running has sucked to be frank.  I ran 2 miles the day before she was born and have been running religiously for over 10 years (even on vacation and honeymoon) so 6 weeks of not running blows.  I called my OB's office and the nurse said I could take a stroll at 3 weeks if I HAD to.  Which I did but I have only done that a few times.  As far as weight, I lost 20 pounds after the first 2 weeks.  I don't weigh myself that often but last I checked I still have 15 to lose at 5 weeks PP.  I am not dieting (you can't if you are breastfeeding/ pumping) so I am really not worrying about this till I can actually exercise.  It is a strange not being able to fit in your old clothes but not wearing all maternity clothes.  Just a weird limbo.