bump - 35 & 36 weeks!

If you know me you know that Emerson Kate arrived early!  I still wanted to blog about my weekly progress because the whole reason I have included this in my blog is to compare it to my future pregnancies.

35 weeks 2 days

36 weeks 2 days
Total Weight Gain:  +35 pounds at 36 weeks 6 days at my check up (Emerson's birth day!)  Honestly, I was totally okay with all of the weight gain.  It is what my body was supposed to do....or at least I tell myself.  I am very lucky that I stayed in my window (25-35 pounds) only because she came early.  Haha.

Maternity Clothes:  Duh

Stretch Marks:  NOT A ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sleep:  Awful....I usually used the restroom 2x in the middle of the night

Best Moment of the Week:  My morning run/ walks....I can't describe what they do for me mentally.

Miss Anything:  Cold turkey sandwich!  My good friends Nick & Casey brought me a sub to the hospital!  Best MEAL ever!

Movement:  Decreased which is why she came so early!  I will talk about her birth story next post.

Anything Make You Queasy or Sick?  Eggs....which happened to be my first meal after her birth...from the hospital.  I am an egg snob - I only eat cage-free/ natural eggs and I am pretty sure those were instant eggs.  I was so hungry I didn't care.

Symptoms:  Just feeling large

Exercise:  I can't remember exactly what I did...all I know is I ran/ walk 4x a week and actually ran 2 miles the day before she was born. 

Happy or Moody:  Happy!!

Looking Forward to:  Matt and I were planning on taking that weekend to get the house ready.  We were going to detail clean it from top to bottom and finish packing our hospital bags.  None of that happened.


  1. Thrilled to see this post pop up! No stretch marks = amazing. You're giving my future self hope. You should definitely include the photo of the sub Jersey Mike's sent home with Matt in one of your upcoming posts. :) Miss y'all! Give that sweet girl a kiss for me!