Greenville Baby Shower & 34 weeks bump!

My SIL and 3 sisters threw an AWESOME baby shower for me!
Everything was so beautiful and you could really tell they spent time working on the small details.  I am very lucky to have them in my life AND this baby is very lucky to have some cool ass Aunts!

I also realized that I haven't shared her name on my blog yet.


Emerson Kate Erbacher

My SIL had mentioned this name to me probably 6 years ago and I have loved it ever since.  It took a little convincing with Matt.  Since I am a Jessica from the 80's I knew her name couldn't be on the top 100 list.  It is actually like 244 in 2012.  This was VERY important to me.  It is also hard to find a name that is unique without being strange.  Plus I love all the nicknames from it: Emme, Emma Kate, Em, Emery even.  Watch this blow up in my face when she has 2 other Emerson's in her class.

Anyways, her name was used throughout the shower and it was cool to see it monogrammed!  We received so many thoughtful gifts and we are going to take this weekend to set everything up.  I also have to say that most of these pictures are not mine.  I have GOT to get better about taking pictures.  I used to be so good and then I got married and became burned out from the wedding.  Anyways, I will be good about taking pictures of Emerson!

 Yummy food!
Amazeballs dessert table!!!

 Sisters and me!
My Mom and Matt's Mom

 I made him stop by....
High school friends who are all Moms!


This cute book where everyone wrote advice for me!  Super cute!

My BFFs, Hillary and Lauren, came back to Charlotte with me for the rest of the weekend.  We always have the best time together and I consider myself very fortunate to still have these kind of relationships with my high school friends.  I FAILED to get a picture of the 3 of us which makes me sad (I blame Lauren - she is a professional photographer jk) but I did get a picture of Lauren and me before we started taking maternity pictures.

Total Weight Gain:  789,436 pounds.  Feels like it but only +30. 

Maternity Clothes:  Yes...so over dressing myself.  I have recently stopped drying my hair or putting on any makeup.  Looking like ass most of the time.

Stretch Marks:  I think I see some around my disgusting belly button.  I still can't tell for sure though....so sad.

Sleep:  Awful.  I am going to ask about taking some sort of medicine to help with this at my next appointment.  Insomnia during pregnancy is a sick joke.

Best Moment of the Week:  Baby shower!

Miss Anything:  Being able to bend over to pick something up, sleeping on my tummy, belly button :(

Movement:  OMG she is beating me up!  She has the hiccups a lot too.  Still amazing even if it wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Food Cravings:  I really wanted a burger the other day for lunch.  I eat a lot of crap at lunch but I don't think I have ever had a burger at lunch before.

Anything Making you Queasy or Sick:  Just eggs!  I had Mexican twice last week and felt great!  I still don't want fajitas.

Symptoms:  Feeling like I am almost 9 months prego aka cow.

Exercise:  3 runs @ 2.4 (lots of walking), 1 run @ 1.6, and a walk at 1.6.  My OB said to considering stopping at 36 weeks so I don't pull my ACL or something else.....we will see. 

Happy or Moody:  Happy!  Although I am super cranky at work...I need more sleep.  I am surprised how much work/ new projects they are giving me when I am counting down the days.  I mean I know I have a month or so left, but do I!?  Mind blowing.

Looking forward to:  Finishing up her nursery!  We are SO close to being done!  Promise to post pictures next week even if it isn't 100% done.


  1. Baby Emerson + Baby Jameson= BFFs 4 Life yea I said it!!!

  2. This post is worth sharing. I have saved it because I loved the arrangement. The cupcakes and cakes have made my mouth watery. My sister’s bridal shower is near and I have booked one of the venues in Chicago for that. Such kind of arrangement would be perfect for that.