bump - 33 weeks!

I am behind on my blogging....I had this typed up from last week!

We spent the 4th in HHI with Matt's family and it was so RELAXING.  It was exactly what I needed!
Stella came with us and she had a blast on the beach - she really is the best dog and Matt and her are inseparable.  They snuggle every night and every morning.  She is in for a rude awakening once Baby comes!

Total Weight Gain:  My guess is +28.  Booooo!

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yea!  I am SO ready to wear normal clothes.  I think spending the entire 3rd trimester in the peak of summer has made me hate all clothes...especially pants.  Pants are too hot right now.  I really would like to work it so next pregnancy I can spend the 3rd trimester in any season BUT summer.

Stretch Marks:  Not yet! 

Sleep:  Awful.  I am up at 3:30 for at least an hour most mornings.  I am constantly sleepy.

Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing fireworks from a balcony (so I was able to sit!!) in HHI! 

Miss Anything:  Not being obese, wearing normal clothes, being able to eat a normal dinner without having acid reflux all night, sleeping on my tummy!

Movement:  She is a mover and a shaker!  Sometimes it is painful but I still love it.

Food Cravings:  Nope!

Anything Make you Queasy or Sick:  Eggs & Mexi

Symptoms:  Swelling after my runs in my hands,  back hurting all the time at work, being sleepy, not being able to buckle my sandals - Matt has to do them for me, and belly button out.

Exercise:  I ran 3 times @ 2.4 miles (with some walking) and I walked another day.  I am not sure how far the walk was since I was at the beach.

Happy or Moody:  I was on vacations so I was HAPPY!

Looking forward to:  Greenville baby shower and my two besties coming back to CLT after it is over!

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