bump - 31 weeks!

Single digits!  ONLY 9 weeks!!

Below is the worst picture I have even taken/ put on my blog.  I forgot to take a picture and on Wednesdays I work from home so that means I don't get ready for the day.  I tend to shower late afternoons those days.  I went for a run then straight to the grocery store and homegoods so I look rough - no judging! 
31 weeks 6 days

Total Weight Gain:  +25 pounds.  My Doctor said baby girl was more than likely already 4 pounds....4 pounds...that is nuts!  I asked him how big she will get and he said it is a guess but he thinks around 8.  As long as I don't birth a toddler I am ok.

Maternity Clothes:  Yep!  I actually need to start buying nursing clothes. 

Stretch Marks:  Nada!

Sleep:  We need a bigger bed.  I take up so much room!  I wake up at least once if not twice for the potty and it takes time to fall back asleep which is annoying.

Best Moment of the Week:  We had our 3D/ 4D ultrasound this past week.  Any chance I get to see or hear her I am excited about!

That is her foot in her face!

The US tech made a comment about her rolls....she is a little fatty already! 

Miss Anything:  Belly button and body.  Sleeping on my belly.  I had a small glass of wine the other night and really didn't want it.  Sort of sad.  I ended up giving it to Matt.

Movement:  She is a mover and a shaker!  I sometimes have to lay down just to feel comfortable with all her moving.  We also felt her hiccups for the first time!

Food cravings:  I wanted lemon flavored dessert so we bought a lemon pound cake.  Delicious.  I don't think I have ever bought a lemon dessert.  Matt has had some major food cravings.  He craved sauteed mushrooms and Chick-fil-a icedream this week.  He actually had icedream twice in ONE DAY.  He stopped by a gas station to even get a butterfinger to crush up for his topping.  I couldn't finish my small and went to get it the next day in the freezer and it was gone.  He is out of control. 

Anything Making you Queasy or Sick:  eggs and breakfast meats.  Mexi doesn't sound bad it just makes me think I will have reflux from it so still avoiding.

Symptoms:  Feeling obese, belly button being gross, sore back

Exercise:  2 runs @ 2.4 miles and 2 runs @ 1.6 miles.  I am walking if I feel uncomfortable.

Happy or Moody:  Moody.  I am a little crazy some days.  Like rude for no reason and then happy the next.  I can hear myself being crazy too which is the worst.

Looking forward to:  Our sweet friends are throwing us a couples shower this weekend and I am SO EXCITED!!



  1. LOOK AT HER! I'm in love. I hope she's a little chubby bunny. Can't wait till tomorrow, yayyyyy!!!

  2. Your turn for nursery update! Is it done?!?