bump - 28 weeks!

I can't believe we are in the THIRD TRIMESTER!  I am so excited to think about meeting my little lady soon.  Matt and I both find ourselves imaging what our future will be like.  We were on a date waiting for a table in the bar (booorrring for peeps who can't drink like myself) and Matt saw a little girl and said how excited he is to be having a girl!  I know he is over the moon about being a Dad but this was the first time he made a comment about having a girl.  We have both spent many nights talking about her and talking to her and you really cannot help but feel lucky to be part of such a miracle.

Ok, enough sappy chit chat.....

28 weeks 6 days - GROSS bump pic!!

Total Weight Gain:  I am going to guess.....+21 or 22.  My appointment is tomorrow.  So that puts me around 141 or 142.  I read that you gain 11 pounds in the last trimester.  Matt keeps thinking the article we read said 11 pounds a month and I have corrected at least 3 times.  Of course he would think it makes sense to put on 11 pounds a month.  Ridiculous.

Maternity Clothes:  Yep! 

Stretch Marks:  Nada!

Sleep:  Starting to have insomnia like I did the first trimester.  I wake up to tinkle around 4 and typically can't fall asleep till around 5:30 and get up for the day around 6:10 so it isn't horrible...yet.

Best Moment of the Week:  There are so many!  We have painted her nursery which I am so excited about.  We also bought a new ride.  Matt and I are going to car share.  He gets a tax write off for purchasing an SUV that he drives at least 50% of the time.  So I will either be driving his old car, a Honda Accord, or driving the new (new to us that is - it is a 2011) Tahoe.  He was thrilled about this car so that is always fun to see your spouse so happy.  :)  This ride has second row bucket seats which is HUGE for kids!

Miss Anything:  My belly button!  It feel so strange to have it stick out part of the way.  It actually grosses me out. 

Movement:  She is moving SO much more!  She is doing flips in there! 

Food Cravings:  Carbs! 

Anything Making you Queasy or Sick:  Eggs, pizza, mexi, and our garage.  That's right....our garage.  No idea what Matt threw away - he says old grass - but it smells like a dead body or what I would think a dead body would smell like.  I couldn't find something the other day and of course assumed he trashed it so he had to dig through it and we both were gagging.  Turns out what I needed was in my nightstand...whooops...(he later said that he wishes I weren't pregnant so he could punch me - joking of course).  I am sure our garbage man cursed us during pick up.

Symptoms:  I feel like an ahole listing out all my problems so I will just put my sick belly button and pregnancy brain.  I am glad I had an awesome mid year review at work before this kicked in or I would be in trouble.

Exercise:  I ran 2x last week at 2.4 miles.....slack!  Damn insomnia leaves me no energy!

Happy or Moody:  Happy!!

Looking forward to:  Our birthing class alllllll day Saturday!  I can't wait to watch Matt's reaction in this class.  We have both tried to watch videos on the iPad and had to pretty much toss it across the room.  I have asked my nurse friend, Megan, probably a million gross questions over the years so I feel somewhat prepared.  I freaked out so much when she told me about the afterbirth (the most horrific thing I have ever heard btw) 2 years ago that I made such a ruckus (we were at the beach) the renters two floors up came down to let us know they heard every word and to see if we could keep it down.  BRING IT birthing class! 


  1. I cant even tell you how happy I am for yall!!! Its becoming more and more real each week!

  2. you two are going to be the best parents ever! except i have a feeling matt will be a HUGE sucker for the little lady, and you might have to be the disciplinarian. ;) glad y'all found a tahoe! i can't wait to hear about birthing class. ugh, we have so much to catch up on!

    ps - we drove to matthews on sunday for bruster's ice cream, and i laughed out loud when we passed FD thinking of you asking for a parking pass from your doctor.

    pps - you are so pretty!

    1. Awww! Thanks Alex!!! Matt will be the biggest pushover when it comes to his little girl...I just know it....and I will have to be the meanie of the group.

      I know! We need to get together soon! Miss you tons!

  3. come on! more updates! keep me from being bored!!