nursery progress!

Let me start by saying this post is going to be all over the place because I am all over the place.  I have started to decorate Baby Girl's nursery but am still in the early stages.  I can see the big picture in my head so I am hesitant to blog about it yet BUT am curious how much will change in the next for weeks as this space develops.

So, where to begin?  The crib!  My sweet MIL treated us to a crib.  This was a hard to select because trying to pick one out that will last through all of your babies (we would love to have 2 more after Baby Girl) means I need to LOVE the crib.  We both really love the iron cribs but those are just  expensive and I can't get past spending more than a few hundred on a crib for some reason.  I have always loved the Jenny Lind style crib so this ended up being THE ONE.  I love the timeless look!  Plus, I am super odd in that I want to see the crib skirt.  Some of the cribs are so close the ground that you can't see the skirt so this was VERY important to me.
Jenny Lind I found off google
I have also purchased sheets for this bed.  I know the crib skirt and bumper will more than likely be a linen fabric so really the only pink I want in the space will be the wall color and a little bit in the sheets.  I very picky on this shade of pink because it is BABY pink, not pink.  This means that it is very light, faded almost.  Someone asked me recently about the color purple and because I can't seem to filter my comments anymore I let out an "ewwwww grosss".  I. Hate. Purple.  I say this because it is hard to do purple well as far as home decor.  Purple CAN be gorgeous but it takes a good eye to create that sort of space. 

Where was I?  Oh yea, paint color.  Matt was ambitious and painted the room already.  I think it might be too pink so I am going to look at some more samples.  Currently it is Farrow & Ball Pink Ground. 

We are also going to have an overhead light instaleld.  I haven't picked it out yet.  I called an electrician and it is about $150 to install this because we have an attic and a switch already in the room so it really seems worth it.  I also want a floor lamp next to our glidder.

The other recent addition is a Blabla sheep mobile!  It was my Mother's Day gift from Matt and I LOVE IT!
This is just the cutest thing!

We also have the piece of furniture we will be using as the changing table purchased.  Matt is picking it today!  It is actually a media chest but it will work perfectly for what we need.  I should be able to fit a changing pad and a small tray to hold lotions and such. 
The fabrics I am thinking of using would be this trellis for drapes:

And this fabric for a pillow in the glidder:

 I am also really liking Jellycat stuff animals.  I need to get some!

We are planning on using the watercolored animals in our guest bath in her nursery.  We only have 2 and I see 4 hanging over the crib.

That is it for now!  Happy Thursday!


  1. purple hates you! jk jk i know exactly what you mean. it looks so pretty!!!

    1. i meant what you have picked looks pretty....

  2. Come on - you know what I am talking about....pink mixed with purple with like butterflies and princess crowns....no way!