bump - 26 weeks!

 So I failed to get a true baby bump photo.  These were taken in a dressing room so I could remember this dress -  they weren't meant to be shared.  If so, I would have taken my shorts off that are under the dress!!

26 weeks 2 days

Total Weight Gain:  +21 so I am at 141.  Oye!  Guess who gets to put on a bathing suit this weekend??  At least people are nice enough to tell me that it is all tummy (and boobs) but I know better.  (It is nice to hear that though!)  I know my ass and thighs and these are not them!  I think I have come to peace with this - I just don't want to deliver a nine pound baby!  That freaks me out to think about.  My younger sister saw me over the weekend and said my arms and face still look normal.  Thanks Sam!

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yea!  I still workout in regular clothes (they don't make real workout clothes for maternity that I can find) so that is not a flattering look on me.  I have to roll down the waist to go below belly and try to pair it with some sort of large top.  I actually ran in an old bathing suit cover up with shorts the other day.  Not pretty.  I have a pair of maternity workout pants from GAP but it is too hot for pants!

Stretch Marks:  Not yet! 

Sleep:  I could always use more!  What I would give for sleeping on my tummy.....

Best Moment of the Week:  My sweet MIL brought Baby E some of the CUTEST clothes!  I can't wait to post pictures of Baby Girl in them one day!  The other awesome moment was seeing all my sisters and Mom at a bridal shower for Sam over the weekend.  :)

Miss Anything:  I could really go for a date of sushi and white wine.  I miss the taste of food....it doesn't taste the same as it did before....like everything is blah.  Oh and I had the joy of purchasing a BIGGER bikini bottom for the beach....a medium.  :(  I bought a maternity tankini top with the hopes that I could just wear my bottoms.  They still fit....just not to the degree where I think I look "good" in them anymore.  I decided what the hell and purchased a large too.  At this rate I will be a blimp come July 4th week.  Although I do like the thought that I can eat a large lunch on the beach and worry about food tummy!!  That is exciting!

Movement:  The BEST part of my day!  She is moving so much more now....I love it!  Matt gets jealous that he doesn't get to feel her move like I do.  It is such an amazing miracle and makes the small things (like buying a bigger bathing suit bottom) go away and not matter.

Food Cravings:  Half and half tea because drinking water 24/7 blows

Anything Make You Queasey or Sick:  Eggs, breakfast meats, pizza, and I have been turned off by Mexican.  I just don't want it.

Gender:  GIRL!

Symptoms:  I am noticing more pains and pressure.  I can really feel it when I run.  It doesn't truly hurt but I do notice it.  Cramps in my calves are awful.  AND my hair is not oily.  I can go 3 days without washing it!!

Exercise:  I ran 3x at 2.4 miles and 1 time was just a 2.4 walk/ jog. 

Happy or Moody:  Happy!

Looking forward to:  Hilton Head with our group of friends for Memorial!  CAN'T WAIT!

More pictures from my sister's family bridal shower!

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