bump - 25 weeks!

25 weeks 4 days!  Same top from  week 17! 
 Total Weight Gain:  21 one pounds and I feel EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  It isn't like I am eating french fries and cupcakes everyday so this honestly surprises me how my body is reacting to pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes:  Yes.  I can still wear a few things regular but 90% maternity. 

Stretch Marks:  Not yet!

Sleep:  Sleeping on the side isn't great....what I would give for a night of belly sleeping....

Best Moment of the Week:  My sweet hubby decided to play it safe and get me a Mother's Day gift.  He also treated me to din at our favorite little spot 300 East.  I also got some sweet cards/ texts wishing me a Happy Mother's Day which was sooo thoughtful.

Miss Anything:  My old body and wine.  I had a few sips of Matt's the other night.  I know you can have 4oz but I want to hold out to 3rd trimester before I actually have that amount. 

Movement:  Yep!  Mostly at night...my little night owl.  :)  This is the best part of pregnancy!!

Food Cravings:  Wellllll I was running errands over the weekend solo and went to Petsmart to pick up Stella's food only to realize that it is to heavy for me to lift (this is after I had major road rage) so I was pissed and felt those crazy mad tears come over me.  I first called Matt to blame him for suggesting that he could send his pregnant wife to pick up dog food.  (I am such a gem sometimes.)  So I went to my car, collected myself and decided to get a Newks salad.  I had been craving a salad with honey mustard or balsamic allllll day so I drove to this place and parked and saw someone else tug on the door and it was closed.  I lost my shit.  Mad psycho quiet tears....you know the ones where you are trying to lock it up so your face is making to worst expression.  So I knew I was being crazy and needed to go home and take a nap.  No salad for this girl.....

Anything Make You Queasy or Sick:  Seeing runny eggs.  Matt made french toast which really grossed me out when it was cooking.

Gender:  Girl!

Symptoms:  Cramps in my calves, exhaustion, and acid reflux.  I truly feel pregnant now and notice if I need to sit down after hours and hours on my feet.  I was in Dallas for the day last week visiting stores and could not wait to get back on the jet so I could sit.  Haha.

Exercise:  The days of running a solid 3 miles are over.  I ran 4x last week all were 2.4 miles.

Happy or Moody:  If you read my story above on the food cravings I am going to have to go with moody. 

Looking forward to:  Painting the nursery!  Matt is going to try to do it one night this week.  I plan on blogging about the nursery progress soon!

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