Matt and I decided to find out the gender and we could not be more excited!!!
I was so gung-ho about keeping it a surprise but then I read something about how it helps you bond with your baby.  I could not get over that concept because it just makes sense.  I will be able to talk to her now and every since finding out it feels more real!  I am ready to start shopping!!

We had our US the Wednesday before Easter and had the tech write the sex down on a piece of paper.  We decided we wanted to go out to eat and open it there. 

Our little girl has a huge head!  Love her!
It was like Christmas morning - we couldn't get the envelope open fast enough!  We decided to tell our families in a creative way.  Everyone still thought we weren't finding out so it was nice to surprise people.  I mailed out these little Easter eggs that had the reveal inside.

We spent the weekend in Hilton Head with my Matt's family so we decided to make cupcakes with pink centers for them.

I can't wait to meet our little lady!

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