bump - 21 weeks!

I am a liar!  I am actually 22 weeks in this photo...play along for my amusement!

Total weight gain:  +16 so that puts me at 136.  Just awesome.

Maternity clothes:  YES!  My friend Amy gave me a huge bag of clothes that have been really helping out.

Stretch marks:  Nope!

Sleep:  That damn bird is still around (see week 20 post) so I would like more sleep.

Best moment this week:  Getting our living room chairs in!  Matt surprised me and had them at the house for me.  He is gem...except when he makes comments like: "Well at least you don't look fat anymore and look pregnant now."  Winner.  (I know he totally didn't mean this comment but it DID come out of his mouth)

Miss Anything:  Sleeping on my stomach.

Movement:  Yes!  After lunch and at night.  Matt finally felt her for the first time!

Food cravings: Water?  The more I talk to peeps with kids I am starting to think the whole cravings things is an excuse to eat crap which I do without "craving" it (see total weight gain).  Except for those oddballs who crave like dirt or pickles with ketchup....now THAT is what I would call a craving.  OR maybe it happens when I am further along....who knows.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still avoiding eggs & pizza.  Red sauce things actually sound nasty too.

Gender:  Girl!

Symptoms:  I really can't  complain!

Exercise:  I ran 5x (4 runs at 3 miles each and 1 at 2.5) and did my sweet Tracy Anderson DVD.  It really is a good DVD - I just hate working out to DVDs.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!

Looking forward to:  Picking out her name!


  1. post pics of your new chairs! i'm dying to see them. matt's comment sounds like a total matt thing to say followed by a sheepish puppy dog "i'm sorry!" face, haha! also, i'm impressed with your running. teach me your ways.

  2. ps - stella is so perfectly posed in this photo, and i love it!

  3. Haha, ok I will! And don't be fooled by my running - I am running EXTRA slow.