bump - 20 weeks!

20 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain:  +15 so that puts me at 135.  Boo. 

Maternity clothes:  Yes!  I tried to sunbath in a bathing suit I fit in a few weeks ago and it was not pretty.  So I am trying to wear all maternity clothes now for my own sanity.  Squeezing yourself into regular clothes "just to see" and it not working out sucks EVEN pregnant. 

Stretch marks:   Nope!

Sleep:  I would like more.  We have this bird that keeps flying into the windows.  He will do it EVERY SINGLE morning around 6:45 - 7:15 non stop.  It has been happening for weeks and all I want is to sleep in past 6:45 on the weekend.  At first it use to freak Stella out - I guess she thought someone was playing with her that early.  Now she seems annoyed.  Matt is a bird LOVER so there is no chance he will take down the bird feeder.  (Stella and Matt will gaze out the window in admiration for the birds in our yard.  Stella just wants to hunt them and Matt just ooos and ahhhs at them.  I am married to child in a man's body who also has grandpa tendencies.)

Best moment this week:  Being halfway!  I was really really excited about it and then reality set in that we have done almost NOTHING to prepare for this baby.  That and feeling baby girl move around.  Feeling her really makes it so worth it....lbs and all.

Miss Anything:  white wine, red wine, pink wine, any color wine.  Matt decided to make his own beer.  How convenient....

Movement:  My first real movement was felt April 6 while I was in bed after a night out with friends.  Hilarious night out might I add....one girl admitted to drinking a margarita in the shower that day...the other threw a book at her hubby.  Love them.

Food cravings:  I wish I could say fruit and salads but that simply isn't true.  I do force myself to eat both everyday but I by no means crave it.  I would say cheese....

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still avoiding eggs & pizza

Gender:  Girl!

Symptoms:  Dizzy every now and then but great overall.  I have noticed I feel short of breath after walking up the stairs.

Exercise:  I ran 3x (3 miles each) and did a power yoga class.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy!  Maybe a little mean to the hubby though...not on purpose.

Looking forward to:  Starting on the nursery!


  1. Half way there!! you look amazing!! And I have never heard of a better description of matt haha!

  2. (the comment stalking continues...)

    haha, made a cameo on my favorite blog! the bird story is hilarious. and one last thing - you are still extra pretty and skinny in all these photos. basketball pregnancy FTW!

  3. Thanks Anz!!!

    You are famous Alex! jkjk And thank you, I know it won't last....just as long as I don't get cankles! My biggest fear!