I really haven't started on the nursery.  I have been too busy stuffing my face or napping.  I have some fabrics pulled because I would like my Mom to make the crib skirt, bumper, and roman shade.  This is the random assortment I have started to collect:

 Matt and I did look at gliders for the nursery and both decided this is the last thing we want to spend money on.  I just don't understand dumping a ton of money into a nursery...trust me, Baby E's will still look wonderful, just not for a lot of money.  I decided to check out craigslist to see if there were any new ones and low and behold I found one!  There was a brand new glider that we purchased for $400.  The original owner wanted a different color so it was meant to be!  Don't worry, I don't feel comfortable buying a crib on craigslist so that will be new!
 This is in what will be the nursery but it is just a dark picture (lamps are on the shopping list for the nursery) so I included the pic from the craigslist posting below:

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