bump- 17 weeks!

17 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: +12...has me freaking out a little.  I am pretty sure this has everything to with me indulging on my birthday cake and nothing to do with the babe....

Maternity clothes:  I have started to wear some things.  I really love how long the tops are because they can cover my belly band, hair band altered pants, unzipped pants....you get the picture.

Stretch marks:  Nope!

Sleep:  Still great!

Best moment this week:  My girlfriends treated me to a mani/ pedi and lunch this past weekend!  So lucky to have such a terrific group of girls in my life.  We then went to the lake for a 30th bday party for another friend which was a blast EVEN if I was sober.

Miss Anything:  wine & sushi.  I actually have "is eating a shrimp tempura roll ok" on my list of questions to ask the Dr. next visit. 

Movement: not yet!

Food cravings: Does eating 1/2 of my bday ice cream cake in a matter of days count?  Picture this ice cream cake: sugar cookie on top, brownie on the bottom and vanilla ice cream in the middle.  Out. of. control.

Kickass bday cake from the hubs!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing new....just pizza.  I still prefer not to eat eggs or breakfast type foods with bacon/ sausage.

Gender: I know it is going to be a little lady!

Symptoms: I had a nosebleed (gross) on Saturday.  I have never had one before so that was bizarre. 

Exercise:  I ran 3x last week (3 miles each) and did a power yoga class.  I finally got in my Tracy Anderson pregnancy DVD and tried it out the other day.  It was sooo hard....I ran before I tried it and ended up only doing half of it.  I always feel like an ass quiting DVD workouts because I just sit and watch....so odd.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :)  except when Matt tried to change the channel from a Lifetime movie when he got home one night....I went psycho according to him.

Looking forward to: Feeling this nugget move!

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  1. I am ridiculously jealous of that birthday cake! Points for Matt. He needs to email that recipe straight to Thomas. :)