bump - 15 weeks!

So I knew all along that I wanted to document this pregnancy on here but have been a little hesitant.  It hasn't been until this past week when I am finally starting to show...a little.  I def look chubby so I am more than ready to look prego!  We plan on having several kiddos and I want a place to record/ compare for all our little nuggets!
 15 weeks 2 days & after a 5k so excuse my gross pic

Total weight gain:  currently 129 so up 9...YIKES! 

Maternity clothes?  not yet.  my sweet friend Amy bought me a belly band that I wear all the time.  (thank you!!)  when i first found out i was prego i went to target and bought some things on sale (they have jack btw...i always thought target would be THE place...wrong) and Old Navy.  i hate Old Navy but actually found a pair of skinny jeans for $12 that i have worn a few times.  (side note: the first time i put them on i thought to myself hmmm...i could keep these around for thanksgiving...FAT)  i placed an order with GAP that i should be getting soon and bought some maxi dresses from marhsalls.  i am thinking if i dress up a maxi dress with a  jacket or something i can get away with wearing them to work this summer. 

Stretch marks?  not yet! 

Sleep:  awesome! 

Best moment this week:   matt came to my appointment this week and we both got to hear the heartbeat (164)...such a wonderful sound.  that AND this past weekend matt ran his first 5k!  i am so proud of him!  it was nice to finish his first (and according to him last) race together.

Miss Anything?  a medium steak with a glass of cab and sushi.  i can also tell a difference in my running & yoga classes...they are both so much harder now. 

Movement:  not yet!

Food cravings:  nada

Anything making you queasy or sick:  i still avoid certain things because they didn't sit well with me 1st tri so bbq, mac and cheese, and papa johns.  i will eat eggs again so that is exciting!

Gender:  i REALLY want to wait on the gender.  matt does not.  he made a deal that i can have final call on the name if we find out early so i am thinking about it.  my guess is girl though!

Symptoms:  acid reflux every now and then which is disgusting.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  moody.  i will say i am not as crazy as i was 1st tri so that makes a blessing for everyone in my presence.

Looking forward to:  warm weather.  i know that has nothing to do with my pregnancy but it has a lot to do with my mood.  i NEED sunshine!

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