bump- 17 weeks!

17 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain: +12...has me freaking out a little.  I am pretty sure this has everything to with me indulging on my birthday cake and nothing to do with the babe....

Maternity clothes:  I have started to wear some things.  I really love how long the tops are because they can cover my belly band, hair band altered pants, unzipped pants....you get the picture.

Stretch marks:  Nope!

Sleep:  Still great!

Best moment this week:  My girlfriends treated me to a mani/ pedi and lunch this past weekend!  So lucky to have such a terrific group of girls in my life.  We then went to the lake for a 30th bday party for another friend which was a blast EVEN if I was sober.

Miss Anything:  wine & sushi.  I actually have "is eating a shrimp tempura roll ok" on my list of questions to ask the Dr. next visit. 

Movement: not yet!

Food cravings: Does eating 1/2 of my bday ice cream cake in a matter of days count?  Picture this ice cream cake: sugar cookie on top, brownie on the bottom and vanilla ice cream in the middle.  Out. of. control.

Kickass bday cake from the hubs!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing new....just pizza.  I still prefer not to eat eggs or breakfast type foods with bacon/ sausage.

Gender: I know it is going to be a little lady!

Symptoms: I had a nosebleed (gross) on Saturday.  I have never had one before so that was bizarre. 

Exercise:  I ran 3x last week (3 miles each) and did a power yoga class.  I finally got in my Tracy Anderson pregnancy DVD and tried it out the other day.  It was sooo hard....I ran before I tried it and ended up only doing half of it.  I always feel like an ass quiting DVD workouts because I just sit and watch....so odd.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy :)  except when Matt tried to change the channel from a Lifetime movie when he got home one night....I went psycho according to him.

Looking forward to: Feeling this nugget move!


bump - 16 weeks!

16 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain:  +9.5....I gained 1/2 lb this past week.  Current weight is 129.5.

Maternity clothes:  Not yet!  The day is approaching though...

Stretch marks:  Nope!

Sleep:  Still awesome!  I don't have this huge urge of energy that I have heard people talk about in second trimester but I am not falling asleep at 6pm like I was first tri. 

Best moment this week:  Spending time with my family this weekend!  My little sis got her wedding dress so that was exciting!

Miss Anything:  sushi and booze

Movement:  not yet!

Food cravings:  I find myself eating more salty things which are out of the norm for me.  I am a sweet tooth all the way.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Papa Johns.  (Matt LOVES Papas.  He will actually call me at work and scream "Papa in the houuuuussseeee" in the phone.  His way of letting me know what he would like to eat I suppose.)

Gender:  Still on the fence.  Our appointment is weeks away so it will be a game time decision.  I still am thinking girl.  :)

Symptoms:  I feel great, just a little sleepy!

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy  :)

Looking forward to:  My birthday!  Can't believe I will be 29 tomorrow.



I really haven't started on the nursery.  I have been too busy stuffing my face or napping.  I have some fabrics pulled because I would like my Mom to make the crib skirt, bumper, and roman shade.  This is the random assortment I have started to collect:

 Matt and I did look at gliders for the nursery and both decided this is the last thing we want to spend money on.  I just don't understand dumping a ton of money into a nursery...trust me, Baby E's will still look wonderful, just not for a lot of money.  I decided to check out craigslist to see if there were any new ones and low and behold I found one!  There was a brand new glider that we purchased for $400.  The original owner wanted a different color so it was meant to be!  Don't worry, I don't feel comfortable buying a crib on craigslist so that will be new!
 This is in what will be the nursery but it is just a dark picture (lamps are on the shopping list for the nursery) so I included the pic from the craigslist posting below:


bump - 15 weeks!

So I knew all along that I wanted to document this pregnancy on here but have been a little hesitant.  It hasn't been until this past week when I am finally starting to show...a little.  I def look chubby so I am more than ready to look prego!  We plan on having several kiddos and I want a place to record/ compare for all our little nuggets!
 15 weeks 2 days & after a 5k so excuse my gross pic

Total weight gain:  currently 129 so up 9...YIKES! 

Maternity clothes?  not yet.  my sweet friend Amy bought me a belly band that I wear all the time.  (thank you!!)  when i first found out i was prego i went to target and bought some things on sale (they have jack btw...i always thought target would be THE place...wrong) and Old Navy.  i hate Old Navy but actually found a pair of skinny jeans for $12 that i have worn a few times.  (side note: the first time i put them on i thought to myself hmmm...i could keep these around for thanksgiving...FAT)  i placed an order with GAP that i should be getting soon and bought some maxi dresses from marhsalls.  i am thinking if i dress up a maxi dress with a  jacket or something i can get away with wearing them to work this summer. 

Stretch marks?  not yet! 

Sleep:  awesome! 

Best moment this week:   matt came to my appointment this week and we both got to hear the heartbeat (164)...such a wonderful sound.  that AND this past weekend matt ran his first 5k!  i am so proud of him!  it was nice to finish his first (and according to him last) race together.

Miss Anything?  a medium steak with a glass of cab and sushi.  i can also tell a difference in my running & yoga classes...they are both so much harder now. 

Movement:  not yet!

Food cravings:  nada

Anything making you queasy or sick:  i still avoid certain things because they didn't sit well with me 1st tri so bbq, mac and cheese, and papa johns.  i will eat eggs again so that is exciting!

Gender:  i REALLY want to wait on the gender.  matt does not.  he made a deal that i can have final call on the name if we find out early so i am thinking about it.  my guess is girl though!

Symptoms:  acid reflux every now and then which is disgusting.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  moody.  i will say i am not as crazy as i was 1st tri so that makes a blessing for everyone in my presence.

Looking forward to:  warm weather.  i know that has nothing to do with my pregnancy but it has a lot to do with my mood.  i NEED sunshine!