I have been MEANING to blog so I am taking baby steps to get back into it.....so here it goes!

Matt and I travel somewhere each fall for our anniversary.  We have been to Chicago, San Fran/ Napa, Savannah and now Boston.  I really enjoy visiting cities with him and trying new things.  We are both soooo laid back when we travel...the kind of people who don't make plans, but somehow manage to see/ do it all and have a blast.  I have been to Boston before with girlfriends, but that was years ago, so it was nice to go back!

 Happy Hour!
Funny story...this was a nice place for us...the kind where you feel slightly out of place.  Well the lady next to us straight up ate her lamb chops by hand...she totally looked like a caveman.  She just kept dipping them in a sauce and going to town.

                                                        Neptune Oyster
Who doesn't love a brewery tour??

Our seats.  Matt was in heaven.

I wonder what we will do next fall....crazy that will be 5 years.

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