1st trimester in a nutshell!

I cannot believe I am 1/3 of the way done!  Wooohooo!  Overall my 1st trimesters wasn’t terrible.  More of an adjustment.  I had awful cramps (apparently that is your uterus growing….talk about freaking a person out when they first find out they are prego) that would wake me up at night and knock the wind out of me.  I have them every now and then but nothing like those early weeks.  I didn’t have morning sickness – just occasional nausea and indigestion.  I do not know how people function with morning sickness….I could not imagine.  And the exhaustion….holy cow it is unbelievable.  I napped away the month of January.  All of this makes sense though since I am GROWING a baby so I have no real complaints.  The biggest adjustment has been putting on weight.  Don’t punch me in the face, but I have been roughly the same weight since I was 14.  I have already put on 7lbs and I have just never seen anything like it.  I know exactly why though….when I don’t feel good I eat carbs….bagels, fries, ice cream, loaded baked potatoes, etc. So that in addition to cutting my workouts in half have been the culprits.  Even still, if I am being honest with myself I am having a hard time seeing that number jump up so quickly.

13 weeks 1 day


  1. yayy! happy second trimester! you look gorgeous, as always, my friend. :) so excited for this little nugget!

  2. You are by far going to be the cutest pregnant person!!! I get even more and more excited every time you "pin" something babyish!!