I'm bacccckkkkk!!

Hello!  Howdy!  Did you miss me?  I certainly have missed blogging.  Life has been busy and I suck at keeping this thing current.  Balancing life is something I wish I was better at (which p.s. I am more than terrified when I have kids one day..no idea how Moms have a career, play mom & wife, AND maintain their figure/ health….floors me).  I have been working a lot lately which is why I haven’t blogged.  I received a promotion almost 2 months ago and I am so SO grateful….I am just not acclimated to the role yet so my days are long and exhausting.  I know that will pass…it almost has…and I am ready to get back to normal.

So, what have I been working on around the house?  Our kitchen tile backsplash is up (only partially grouted because we need to finish under cabinet lighting), new breakfast chairs, drapes and table which we refinished.
I will do a separate post for the breakfast room table because it really is a process, but SO worth it.

The kitchen backsplash was done by my SWEET husband.  He did it all.  I actually wasn’t around for the project because I was being an OCD perfectionist (aka monster) and had to remove myself from the kitchen.  Let’s just say we didn’t get along with this project.  I asked him to start over in an area, he said no, I said yes, we had a time out, etc.  Before you grout you can see all the imperfections which really aren’t imperfections so I expressed my concerns (lost my shit) for nothing.  Poor Matt.

 I still need to find outlet covers which I have no idea where you buy a slight off white outlet cover?? No idea?  I will figure something out but explains why there aren't any in the photos.


I LOVE IT!  I can’t believe the transformation considering the amount we spent.  SO HAPPY!


  1. Looks great!!! You two have done a fabulous job:)

  2. 1 - YES i missed you so!
    2 - i am swooning over your backsplash. it looks so good! go matt!
    3 - those chairs at your breakfast table are great. they remind me of younghouselove. they are perfect for that area!

    ps - hi, stella!