ikea makeover

We bought these Billy bookcases 3 years ago to help with our storage in the loft.  They worked but it BOTHERED the heck out of me how cheap they look.  I think it is the fact that the back portion folds up so you can see the creases.  I am sure most people don't even notice it...but I am weird....I notice small things.

So to make them appear better, I decided to line the back with grasscloth wallpaper.  I actually bought it from Lowes and it was super cheap....I think $40 for both with lots of extra. 

All you have to do is remove the backs.

Then place over the grasscloth and trace with a pencil.
Cut around edges using a metal ruler and xacto knife.
Use spray adhesive and attach to the bookcase.  Matt came in handy for this to help with the bubbles.  I ran out so I used double sided tape on a portion of one because I didn't feel like running to the store. 
Slide back into place and you've got yourself a snazzy looking bookcase!

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