craigslist find!

My husband...yes husband.... found this little beauty on craigslist.
It is a Hickory Chair James River sideboard.

Now I just need a mirror, lamps, drapes, and chairs and this room will be complete!
We were going to place this in our dining room (to the right) but I like the idea of making the a little bar on the top of it (pretty tray with decanters) and it makes sense to have it near lounge chairs (ha, the lounge chairs that don't exist yet).  PLUS I was sold on the idea of adding sconces (there isn't any overhead lighting) but now I can just put lamps on the sideboard and the outlet is controlled by a light switch so that works out. 
I am a HUGE fan of craigslist.  You just have to know how to search correctly.  Always filter to read "furniture by owner" and be specific on brands like Hickory Chair, Baker, Henkel Harris, etc.  If you just type in "sideboard" you are going to see crap.  Most people sell quality casegoods on there because they are either moving or downsizing. 

So excited to finally have a place to store my china! Woohoo!


all about stella!

Just love her!!!

My baby girl is almost 8 months old and I can't help myself doing an entire post on her!  :)



ikea makeover

We bought these Billy bookcases 3 years ago to help with our storage in the loft.  They worked but it BOTHERED the heck out of me how cheap they look.  I think it is the fact that the back portion folds up so you can see the creases.  I am sure most people don't even notice it...but I am weird....I notice small things.

So to make them appear better, I decided to line the back with grasscloth wallpaper.  I actually bought it from Lowes and it was super cheap....I think $40 for both with lots of extra. 

All you have to do is remove the backs.

Then place over the grasscloth and trace with a pencil.
Cut around edges using a metal ruler and xacto knife.
Use spray adhesive and attach to the bookcase.  Matt came in handy for this to help with the bubbles.  I ran out so I used double sided tape on a portion of one because I didn't feel like running to the store. 
Slide back into place and you've got yourself a snazzy looking bookcase!


abode updates

I wish I could say that we installed our new kitchen backsplash.....but I can't.  We still haven't ordered it and our kitchen STILL looks like this and has for months now.  I have no excuse.  Lazy.
(my ghetto kitchen below)
We have managed to start on a gallery wall that leads up our stairs. I am loving it so far. We purchased frames from antique stores, AC Moore, and I found one at the Habitat Restore. Most were professional framed pieces so we just ditched the existing art because the frames were really nice. I lucked out because some were only $4 - but if you saw what was in there you would understand why.
I have no clue what to put in them yet. I know I will get most, if not all, off of Etsy.
I scored a GREAT deal on runner which I am THRILLED about. I have been on the hunt for a looonnng ass time couldn't afford anything that I liked. I got this from Pottery Barn Outlet and it is a WS Home runner. It is a hand-knotted wool NEUTRAL rug for only $300.

We also picked up some shelves from West Elm for our Bedroom.

You can find them HERE and guess what?  They are on sale now.  Story of my life.