march in a nutshell

i have been slap your mama busy at work. 
vacation at my lovely job is a burden.
you are required to make up all you "missed" work.
this new policy came about while i was on vacation so that in itself made for a really fun february.
don't get me wrong, i love what i do, but i prefer not to sell my soul to corporate america.
so don't think i don't want to blog.  it is just that i haven't worked on anything creative in weeks.

i honestly can't believe march came and went

i turned 28 in march  
i have to say that i truly have an amazing husband. he surprised me by making my FAVORITE cake of all time, cookie ice cream cake. talk about putting a smile on face.
it is a layer of sugar cookie, then a layer of ice cream (vanilla) topped off by a chocolate chip cookie.

straight up heaven
i seriously cant' believe he made it....he even did the writing

and then, my AWESOME coworkers picked me up some fancy cupcakes!  :)

and these last two are just because they make me so happy when i look at them.

totally in love with her!


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