kitchen progress!!!

So the day after we picked up our sweet little puppy we had our cabients painted.  COMPLETE CHAOS at the Erbacher residence. 

For a refresher, see what we started with.

Soooo bad!

This is a photo from when the house was purchased.

Work in progresss...
And sorry for the fuzzy pictures - took from my iPhone.  My camera was full from vacation and will remain that way (knowing me) for another month or two.

With new hardware....
Sorry for the mess....I took these before work to show a friend.
 The molding really makes a difference.

No sure why I didn't close the cabinet....

(The green tape were spots for the painter to touch up.  If you hire a painter you must do this - they miss spots - it happens)

A few weeks ago, Matt's parents came into town and tore down our backsplash, installed a new microwave and under cabinet lighting.

So as of this morning, this is what it looks like.
(I spy Stella!)
So what is left?

The backsplash! 

(well and eventually a new cooktop - I hate that thing - but not on our list to fix anytime soon)

I will go over ALL the details once that is complete and take pictures with an actual camera!

Happy Sunday!

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