grasscloth wallpaper

Good Morning!  I am coming back from a little break.  Work has been so creatively draining that I haven't put ANY energy in my home so I really haven't had anything important to blog about.  You know those days where you feel totally uninspired?  Well I had that for about 2 months.  But it is a new year and I am back at it.  I have a TON of resolutions for my home starting with our "forgotten about loft".  The hubs hit the jackpot with his little birthday and xmas and we have two large autographed baseball jerseys that will be hung in there.  So it is no longer forgotten about.  Matt's baseball memorabilia obsession has been really the only CONFLICT of interest in our home.  He wants the typical male shrine to baseball....and me, the typical lady doesn't care to see it....ever.  Trust me if he could, a Greg Maddux jersey would hung front and center over our fireplace...and in our dining room....and everywhere.  Gross.  So he gets the loft to decorate and the garage.  And trust me, he has "artwork" hanging in the garage.

So....grasscloth wallpaper.....

We purchased ikea billy bookshelves years ago and they look cheap....I mean they are cheap...but I don't want them to look it.  My plan is to line the inside with grasscloth wallpaper.  I love LOVE its texture. 

Just like this!

Jessica + grasscloth wallpaper = true love

Ordering this today!  Happy Saturday!

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