As I mentioned last week, Matt and I will be owners of a puppy!
We pick up the little rascal in two weeks and we can't wait!  We spent our weekend buying everything to get our abode ready.  So much fun and so overwhelming since neither of us grew up with a dog.  She is a mini {well she will be 30 - 45 lbs} goldendoodle...so precious!

*Disclaimer: These photos are taken from the breeder who apparently LOVES bows...they are not my doing!
 Love her!



butterfly people

While we were in Puerto Rico we visited this shop.  It was simply amazing to see in person.  Just gorgeous.  These butterfly installations are created after their life is over and they are preserved in an acrylic case.  Here is an installation and if you are ever in Puerto Rico, stop by!


high/ low ~ zebra cowhide rugs

I naturally gravitate to this type of rug.  I do not have ANYTHING zebra in my house but for some reason like it.  I particularly love it on top of a natural rug to create a layered look but even on its own it looks good.  This goes for a cool $599 at West Elm.  Or you can order it from this Etsy dealer for only $360 for the same thing. 

happy   hump   day!


come on in!


I love a good lookin front door.  That light blue one NEVER gets old...and there is something so sharp about a  black front door. 

In other news, Matt and I put a deposit down on a puppy!  WE ARE STOKED!  We can't pick her up for a few more weeks and we are on pins and needles with anticipation.  Pictures to come.  :)

Happy Monday!


Good evening!  My brain has turned into mush after work today.  The first day back after any vacation is hard. 
I have some pictures from my trip which is what I keep daydreaming about.

Oh….and before we left Saturday Matt and I picked out some fabric to make drapes for our loft.  We went up to Tony’s fabric in Charlotte and purchased it for only $13 a yard.  I like all the colors - perfect for a playroom one day.

Matt's work went to San Juan for 4 days and 3 nights.  It was so nice to get away and I really enjoyed getting to know some of his coworkers throughout our stay.  To be honest, I have never had Puerto Rico on my map of places I wanted to visit but the city of Old San Juan is just gorgeous.

 Having a pina colada where they originated :) 

 us at the 16th century Fort San Felip del Morro (clearly i need shades)
 view from the fort looking back at the city

back to reality  :(


grasscloth wallpaper

Good Morning!  I am coming back from a little break.  Work has been so creatively draining that I haven't put ANY energy in my home so I really haven't had anything important to blog about.  You know those days where you feel totally uninspired?  Well I had that for about 2 months.  But it is a new year and I am back at it.  I have a TON of resolutions for my home starting with our "forgotten about loft".  The hubs hit the jackpot with his little birthday and xmas and we have two large autographed baseball jerseys that will be hung in there.  So it is no longer forgotten about.  Matt's baseball memorabilia obsession has been really the only CONFLICT of interest in our home.  He wants the typical male shrine to baseball....and me, the typical lady doesn't care to see it....ever.  Trust me if he could, a Greg Maddux jersey would hung front and center over our fireplace...and in our dining room....and everywhere.  Gross.  So he gets the loft to decorate and the garage.  And trust me, he has "artwork" hanging in the garage.

So....grasscloth wallpaper.....

We purchased ikea billy bookshelves years ago and they look cheap....I mean they are cheap...but I don't want them to look it.  My plan is to line the inside with grasscloth wallpaper.  I love LOVE its texture. 

Just like this!

Jessica + grasscloth wallpaper = true love

Ordering this today!  Happy Saturday!